Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Conspiracy Skeptic Unplugged Episode 5

HIV denial with Abbie Smith

Abbie Smith sounds like a real nice lady, but more importantly I learned a lot such as: how HIV became HIV, how HIV got into the human population, why condoms actually work to stop HIV from spreading, what some prevailing AIDS theories were in the 80's and why deniers are wrong to cling to them, the meaning of HIV first striking the gay community in North America, but not in Africa, reasons why HIV is so elusive to vaccinate, and her favorite small kitchen appliance. All learned in a very pleasant and easy to understand style.

The only downside to the show was, presumably the Skype connection, was rather poor, and her were answers to questions that Karl asked were garbled. Most of the time it was not that bad, but at points the gremlins on the internet, or was it the conspiracy folks trying to downplay HIV, put a kink in the show? Karl apparently broke out the garage band manual and performed some nice editing to the interview, so the whole episode came in perfect for my drive to and from work today. It usually is enough for a trip to work, back home, and then back to work the next morning.

On a sad side note: My digital beat around black beauty iPod Video 1st generation became ill today. It gave good and noble service for over three and one half years. It was scratched, scarred, beaten, lost for short periods, kept me company on trains to Philadelphia, and planes to Las Vegas. Soon your younger, larger hard drive ancestor shall take your place when it arrives from China, but you were my first. sigh.

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