Saturday, July 18, 2009

The SGU waiting game

It's Saturday morning, and as is my routine the dog wakes me up oh so early. If only he could learn the difference between the work week and the weekend. He gets a walk, I veg on the net or watch some television, scrounge for breakfast, and then it begins. The anticipated wait for the Skeptics Guide to the Universe to be uploaded for my listening pleasure. I start pondering where I will be around 2 p.m. EST. Will I be at home and being able to down load it from iTunes? If I'll be out, what time will I get back? I now have the option if out to make sure my wife brings her iPod touch so we can download the show on the road. Where are those wifi hotspots? Before we bought that bit of technological magic, I tried to figure out a way to download the fed and listen to it on my Blackberry. All I discovered was frustration. Yes, it's a little weird. I tell myself it's no weirder than some waiting for the next episode of Entourage, a Harry Potter Book, and the real oddballs waiting for a UFO to take them away, or Jesus to show up at the door.

Here I am listening to the Beatles and flipping over to "" The countdown begins, and if it is posted late . . . that's another blog post.

Edit - It's out early!

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