Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Skeptoid #164


This is why I like this show- Rosicrucians, who knew they even existed? Who knew there were various branches out in the world, and in the United States. I also find it concerning that there is so much fodder for future crap shows for Oprah that her show will never go away. I can just see Oprah talking about the council of solace, William Walker Atkinson, new thought movement, law of attraction, etc. She can make Rosicrucians the next big thing. Skeptics will have a new bit of woo to attack, and all will be happy. If I were a producer for Oprah looking for new crap to peddle, I'd stop listening to Coast to Coast AM, stop mourning the loss of Mysterious Universe*, and start listening to Dunning show. Every once in a while he digs out a nugget of woo that is nearly too good to be true.

Dunning has done a stunning job presenting a tight concise background on something I knew little about, but now I think I could almost hold a lecture on the subject. Dunning missed his calling a Cliff Notes editor. He even slipped in a nice soap opera drama about Atkinson vs. the fake rosicrucians. He slipped in the Nazis all in eleven minutes.

All I know is that if I ever find myself down on my luck, I have to start up new age religion. I put a eight foot privacy fence around my house and called it a compound. Worship the idol of Dunning or Novella, and have a pretty good time.

*What is the deal with Mysterious Universe? If you google it, you get Mysterious Universe v2 launching in 2009. Well, is this some big joke? Is Ben Grundy making a comeback? Has he handed the show over to some other sap who has an engaging speaking voice. Will someone explain why he flaked out over a year ago? It would be great to get a chance to listen to someone other than Noory makes an ass of him or herself.

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