Friday, August 21, 2009

Conspiracy Skeptic Unplugged Episode 6

Woo I did not know existed:

The Conspiracy Skeptic Unplugged:

The Denver International Airport (DIA) has some pretty freaky conspiracies surrounding it. Who Knew? I sure did not. I guess this goes to prove that pretty much a wackado conspiracy theory can find a happy home almost anywhere.

Rich Orman was the guest on this episode. He is the host of "Dogma Free America." A podcast that I listened to only one or two times when it first came out. Perhaps I stopped listening too soon because after hearing Rich (my Colorado doppelganger)* I really think I owe the show another listen.

Anyway, DIA which is a sprawling new-ish (late 80's and early 90's) airport located near Denver. The conspiracy folks believe it is a headquarter for the new world order, a storage place for the army of the new world order, where the reptilian-humanoid overlords lay in wait, a central hub in a secret nationwide tunnel complex, and the home to what sounds like some questionable art. How can anyone expect an entire airport to be built from scratch without hiccups is beyond me. I suppose for some if you have a large enough project that takes years to complete, is over budget, and completed beyond its deadline some evil forces must be at work beyond human incompetence. Just watch "My Big Amazing Renovation" on HGTV. Nobody can do a major home renovation without it exceeding its budget or schedule. No, it is not the owners over blown plans and unrealistic time table to cause things to go awry, it must be the reptoid contractors. This gives me an idea. The next time I do not complete a project on time at work or at home, I'll blame the Free Masons and see how far that will get me.

All in all, I really enjoy it when a podcast tosses some completely new and bizarre set of wackiness at me that I had no clue existed. It was clear that Karl had done some research ahead of time. He and Rich did a nice job unfolding this little known tale of woo. They were even able to share where the earliest incarnation of this tale of DIA doom likely sprang to a caller on Coast to Coast AM. It never ceases to amaze me how a subset of the public at large can take a kernel of wackiness and turn it into a cottage industry. How soon until Joe Rogan gets hold of this one?

I highly recommend this episode to the reader. My only complaint is that Karl let Rich get away without really answering the question as to what is his favorite small kitchen appliance.

*Rich's life sounded a lot like mine. He's married. I am married. He's a government attorney. I'm a government attorney. He has a dog and cat. I have a dog and cat. He does not live in Louisiana. I do not live in Louisiana. Hard to believe.

--Edit-- Karl did get Rich to give up his favorite kitchen appliance. Somehow I missed it during my first listening to the podcast. My apologies to Karl, Rich, and the reader.

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