Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inside the Amateur Scientist Studio

Interview with Michael Price

First, I'd like to comment that Mr. Thompson is becoming quite a good interviewer. He's not David Frost or David Brinkley yet, but the guy's has some talent. I enjoy the fact that he never seems to take himself too seriously.

Second, Mr. Price is one of those guys I'd love to sit down with at a diner with an endless stream of coffee or diet Dr Pepper and some cake, and just wind him up with a topic and let him go. He's either making it all up, and is damn good at it, or this guy really knows his biblical history. I love the Beatles, and I'd like to think I know an awful lot about the lads, but I am not Price biblical knowledge good.

Third, Mr. Price is writing the Case against the Case for Christ. I'm getting it, or making my wife download to her iPod and reading it. The reasons are personal, but in a nutshell: A very religious friend of mine gave me a copy to read about six or so years ago. I did. I was unimpressed with the style, and not very impressed with the arguments. I thought his structure of only interviewing pro-Jesus-was-real-and-the-bible-is-correct-ha! scholars did not give a balanced view. It has been a while since I read the book, but I remember looking up a travel of Jesus or a once lost location that now comports with new scholarship part of the new testament, and I quickly learned he was banking on some more fringy scholarship. Not only was the book one sided but at some to a simple degree for me to find with an Altavista or Askjeeves search (it was six years ago) showed it to be cherry picked. I'll be curious to see what Price's take is on Strobel and the newest part of the good book.

Winding back to the beginning, I hope the Skeptics Guide has Mr. Thompson on as a guest sometime. I would love for him to have a wit off against Rebecca and Jay. I don't know who would win other than the skeptical listening public.

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