Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Amateur Scientist Podcast episode 77

AmSci on the road . . . 

I listened to the Amateur Scientist Podcast tonight, and as always Brian and Bob were in form cracking witty dick jokes, and mocking folks who think fornicating in public will benefit the banana crop.  They hit "Three's Company" own Suzanne Somers for indicating that the late Patrick Swayze was killed not by  pancreatic cancer (all cancer is bad news, pancreatic cancer is real bad news) but by the chemotherapy that kept him alive for twenty months.  When my wife told me about this story, she first told me to sit down and then showed the story to me on her iPod.  Boy, talk about a dip shit silly person and inane, arrogant sense of "knowledge."  They also discussed a virus that resides in African mosquitos which hitch a ride on 767s over the Atlantic to infect North Americans with a horrible, horrible disease that knocks you for a loop for weeks.

Then near the end of the show, they talked about taking the show on the road after the success of DragonCon.  I thought for a brief moment they could come to Hershey.  We're a tourist town.  It is the off season, we need foot traffic.  We also have professional scientists at the medical school and hospital, who might show the amateurs a few tricks of the science trade.  Jan Helen McGee "psychic detective" lives in the neighboring town of Palmyra.  She might be up for an interview?

Where to hold the show?  The Hotel Hershey is pretty swank, and I cannot fathom they would take kindly to dick jokes.  Then there is the biker bar next to the amusement park, but I am not sure they would get the jokes referring to Darwin and scrotums.  If they went to the cheap bar the medical staff frequents, the physician assistants and nurses might get the Darwin references but they might have them committed.  I'd worry about it later.

Then I thought who would come to the show?  There is me.  My wife might show if I cash in a few favors.  My cosmopolitan sister in Philadelphia might attend if I beg.  Her boyfriend might be interested.  He's met Christopher Hitchens.  He's connected.  The guy I drove behind tonight in the slightly abused Honda with the Flying Spaghetti Monster symbol might show if he hears about it, and that's about it.  The local "Free" evangelical church is giant huge around here, and I doubt they would smile upon the Bob and Brian science based comedy routine.  Heck they might band together with the local Catholic Church and run the Amateur Scientists out of town after Bob and Brian point out the faithful's kids have an increased risk of teen pregnancy.  I might be put on trial for . . . something.  Witchcraft?

I am not the type to go to jail, burn at the stake, or even pay a modest fine for tawdry science based entertainment.  My invite won't be going out anytime soon.

Point of Inquiry

No.  There has not been a new PoI released. In fact there has not been a new show posted since July 10th.  What is going on over in St. Louis?  I hope nothing serious.  Yes, I've noted in the past that the show can be a bit stiff.  Yes, I've mocked their Emmy Award winning opening and closing jingle.  I like the show.  They have interesting guests, and a high class jingle.  I hope nothing untoward has happened to D.J. and crew.

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