Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Amateur Scientist Podcast

The Amateur Scientist Podcast Live! from DragonCon

I thought Thompson comported himself rather well in front of the obviously excited and somewhat inebriated audience that was fixated on the word “chode.” More on chode later.

The most interesting part of the Podcast was the presence of Mrs. Rebecca Watson, Skepchick, SGU Rogue, and all around cool dame. First, it was quite evident that Watson, who was drinking vodka from a crystal skull was three to seven sheets to the wind. As the podcast rolled on she added at least one or more sheet. She did quite well during the name that asshole quote game despite her intoxicated state. It was an impressive effort. Yet, she was able to use her non-existent super skepchick powers to (spoiler alert) pull her own raffle ticket during the raffle drawing. That’s right Watson who was the raffle ticket picker, picked out own ticket at random. Either 1) Watson does have super Qui powers and her entire world view is wrong, 2) it was rigged, or 3) it was random luck. I’d like to think it was #1. I am certain Watson being in attendance was a boon to Thompson. Today, he tweeted that this particular show was his most downloaded. Little wonder as Watson is a rock star in the Skeptical Movement. On the other hand, she is a rock star of the skeptical movement. It is like having Janice Joplin showing up on an episode of the Monkees, I am certain a lot of extra people would watch the show, but all you’d remember is an out of it Janice Joplin upstaging Peter Tork. (Did I just compare Thompson to Tork, if so I apologize. How about Twiggy or Donovan?)

Oh. Jeff Wagg, of the JREF, was interviewed. He was as always a very interesting and personable gentleman. He relayed a story that caused flashbacks to a law school fact pattern in a property law final regardingTitle II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It turns out a Denny’s in Texas was giving a discount to patrons who came in with a church flier, but not a similar break to those without faith or church allegiance. The brief blurb he made on JREF made international news, and most interesting was that Denny’s has yet to officially respond. In Denny’s defense, Moons over My Hammy may be completely unhealthy but completely delicious, so how bad can they be? Also, Thompson shared a recording of a crank call he made to the manager of a Denny’s. I get that it was funny, but in a creepy uncomfortable way. This type of situation whether the Jerky Boys, Sasha Baron Cohen, or Thompson is doing it always cause me to feel really bad for the poor sap on the other end. If you aren’t soft like me, it is a real hoot.

CHODE. Thompson also did a rather funny made lib spoof based on a book authored by the Secretary of Education of South Carolina. It was funny. Audience member participated by suppling the necessary words. Some of the audience members could not get enough of the word "chode." I think you have to be drunk and dressed as Officer Ripley to get transfixed by the word chode. It was chode this, and chode that. Personally the word "smock" does it for me.

As long as I am discussing Rebecca Watson today:
All of us at "The Skeptical Review" wish Mrs. Rebecca Watson all the best during his sabbatical. Watson tweeted on September 10, 2009, that she quit her job, and explained on Skepchick she was taking some time and concentrate on Skepchick, The Skeptics Guide, and the Boston Skeptics. shew-w-w (I was afraid she was winging off to parts unknown to find her spirit guide or some such crap, or she had cancer.) I hope she has a blast until the money runs out, and then I say get job. I don't want my tax dollars paying for her deadbeat ass. Oh, to be young, hip, and fearless.

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  1. Agreed on several fronts. First - isn't it illegal to record someone's conversation without them knowing? THAT was uncomfortable. Secondly - the drunk element and what example that sets for scepticism? Drunk people amusing themselves is pretty obnoxious, no matter how superstar people are seen. I thought this was a low point and I'm glad someone pointed it out.


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