Saturday, September 26, 2009

the Conspiracy Skeptic Unplugged Episode 8

I listened to the latest episode of the Conspiracy Skeptic: Unplugged.  This was not your normal celebration of  a time honored or new fangled overreaching conspiracy of the imaginative/deluded.  This episode revolved around money -that's what we all want.

Brett Spurr, of The Long Run blog, returned as a guest.  This time not as a conspiracy debunker, but as a economic expert.  Spurr is a financial planner, and he knows all about the money.  I found the podcast interesting since it really was economics 101 or perhaps even just 01.  The show covered a few topics that I have pondered in the past such as why was money based upon gold?  Turns out there is no real reason other than it looks pretty and is rare.  There was a very basic discussion on the U.S./China trade relations, including why the Chinese want to buy U.S. debt.  Along with a few other tidbits that people should know instead of thinking, like me, that money is that paper stuff with mostly dead Presidents on it.

My only complaint is that this was not a conspiracy "unplugged" episode, but a "Squawk Box" or "Barrons" episode.  I like the idea of a returning podcast dealing with complex financial issues for dummies, it should be labeled as such.  Karl can start building his topical podcast empire.

One other thought is that it is clear to me that Karl, who as far as I know does not have a financial background, might really want to be an economist.  You can tell he has spent a lot of time pondering these topics, and he finds it truly interesting.  I would welcome more podcasts in this vein.

---I enjoyed Karl's pick for the end song -The Jam's "Dreams of Children."  Paul Weller is under appreciated. Good pick.

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