Monday, September 21, 2009

Mysterious Universe 201

The return of an old friend . . . and some guy.

After the absence of more than a year, Mysterious Universe is back. It was a slightly odd reunion. Imagine meeting up with your old friend Benjamin Grundy for lunch. You walk into the restaurant and in the background is playing that trademark Mysterious Universe new age pseudo tech jazz soundtrack. You sit down to greet your pal, but, hello, there is some other dude sitting with him, Aaron Wright. You sit down. Ben starts telling his tales in that slick Australian accent, but unpolished Aaron keeps butting in. What the heck?

Ok. I am sure Wright will improve with time. I am hopeful the new duo will bring back that good woo cheer that used to be Mysterious Universe "Classic." I have to hand it to them they have made a good start. There was a story about a big UFO debate in Barcelona. Are UFOs really just man made entities to hoax the public into thinking there is going to be an interplanetary war? Are the real aliens benign, and really do not want to be bothered with us? Or is this exactly what Majestic 12 wants us to believe to lull us into submission while the aliens plot our doom? (Or is it just made up fantasy woo?)

They discussed the grinning/mothman of New Jersey. They discussed a she-wolf. Perhaps she is a ferrel child, and raised by a wolf? They dismissed a story about an Italian diver running into the ghost of the late Steve Irwin near the spot where he died. (Why that was not believable, but a interplanetary war is not so easy to dismiss is beyond me?)

Interestingly, Wright stated he was a scientist. He shared that at first he wanted to bring a more scientific angle to the show. However, between the time Wright and Grundy discussed returning the show back to the net, and the start of the show Wright saw a actual real live (or dead) ghost. Therefore, he decided to tone down the science angle. (sigh) Also, Wright managed to botch the definition of Occam's Razor to "if it makes sense, it's most likely true." That's a new one.

All and all, I was glad the show is back up. I look forward to many hours of woo stories in the future. No, Grundy did not mention his well publicized problems with his subscription holders when he ended his last show. No, he did not give a explanation for his shelving the show. No, I will not be adding this to my stable of podcasts. Why? I only have two ears to listen to all these great programs on my list. I cannot fathom adding more. It is called the Skeptical Review. Grundy and Wright aren't very skeptical. However, if a real whopper of a story, or if I actually hear something that makes me think "that's not woo, that's actually paranormal activity" I'll report it.

Welcome back Ben and new guy Aaron.

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