Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reasonable Doubts 52, More Rebecca Watson

Reasonable Doubts 52

Just to get it out of the way, and sound like a broken record, but once again a quiet snide political comment against the Republican party was made by Doctor Professor Luke Galen at the start of the show. Blah, blah, blah it was not necessary, and blah, blah, blah I still think it detracts from the show. This was followed by a correction from last week’s episode. Last week they discussed a church sign war between a Catholic Church and Presbyterian Church. The alleged issue was whether dogs go to heaven. Alas, it turned out it was a hoax, or at least a joke battle, that made it around the web. It can happen to the best of us. Although such a mistake it is probably more apt to occur to some Democrats who have no idea that a Catholic Church would never post on a billboard “that all rocks go to heaven.” Puh-leaze. (too far, not funny enough, blah, blah, blah?)

Anyway this week’s show focused on disunity in the bible to counter the claim, particularly the claim of Josh McDowell, that overall unity of the bible is evidence of its divine origin. This despite the fact that it was written over a thousand years with at least over forty authors. This week's episode focused on the Old Testament with a promised part two dealing with the new testament next week. As always, they do an admirable and scholarly job demolishing McDowell’s thesis of the unity in the bible. They point out that McDowell makes this statement and then goes for pages and chapters to reconcile apparently conflicts in the text. They then go on to point out inconsistency after inconsistency which makes the entire unity idea seem plain silly.

I am not a biblical scholar by any stretch. I did read the Catholic Study Bible --once. (Actually, I read the New Testament, and a lot of the Old Testament. I just could not finish the project –tedious. How people got through CCD is beyond me.) The first thing that popped into my mind is that even if the bible was a unified whole despite the good book being authored by over forty people, it may not be the hand of the almighty that tied together the whole, but a good editor. An editor can cover a multitude of sins. I could be way, way off base on this point.

Overall, I cannot wait to here part 2 on the New Testament. This show was another intriguing and entertaining snap of the bible bra.

Gossip Corner: More on Rebecca Watson

Mrs. Rebecca Watson, Skepchick, SGU Rogue, Grand Poobah of the Boston Skeptics and all around cool gal, is going to add international skeptic of mystery to her resume. Watson has announced on Skepchick and on Twitter that she is moving to England to be with her newly minted husband. First, I wish her the best of luck in her ex-patriot state, whether short term or more permanent. It sounds as if she is going to spend the better part of the next few months traveling from Boston to Britain to Southeast Asia to Norway and even exotic Missouri. I am jealous. I have always wanted to see Harry Truman's home in Independence. To be honest for anyone who follows Watson on twitter, it was hard not to see this one coming. Despite her indication that she is not leaving SGU, I have concerns that have compelled me to start writing a piece on the future of SGU that I have been bouncing around in my mind for a few weeks. I hope to have it posted in the next few days. (No really, I mean it this time.) My advice to Watson on her travels is if she happens to find herself in Saltzburg, Austria to feast upon the Mozart Kugel which is a confectionary delight.

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