Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reasonable Doubts 54

God can stick it where Comfort don't shine, while the doctor is out of the house

Doctor Professor Luke Galen was missing in action for this episode, but Dave and Jeremy soldiered on without their comrade, but they got by with a bit of help from their friend Ed Brayton.

The show discussed the free copies to be distributed on college campuses of Charles Darwin's "The Origins of Species" due to the kindness of the C & C creationist factory of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. But wait there's more!  Not only will they being giving out copies of Darwin's seminal work, but it will be graced with a 50 page introduction by Mr. Comfort himself explaining why the non-introductory part of the book is wrong.  All I know is that if someone wants to give me a free copy of Darwin's book, I do not care about the introduction.  I'll take it.  I can either read it, and get a nice laugh, read it and get mighty angry, or just ignore the introduction all together.  It's seems obvious that C & C want schools and P.Z. Myers to get all bent out of shape and ban Darwin's own book.  I suppose C & C will see it as some manner of a P.R. coup.  I agree with Dave and Jeremy that most students will probably not even read the introduction especially if it is 50 pages long, and probably will not read Darwin's part of the book.  After all it is written in the mid 19th century's queen's english.  Hopefully, fellow scientific minded skeptics and biology student will do nothing more than kindly accept a copy of the Origin, and either read it, or put it on their bookshelf to look impressive when the parents stop by on weekend visits.

Dave and Jeremy interviewed Tom Flynn regarding International Blasphemy Day, which is a protest against the curbing of free speech in the name of tolerance by the United Nations.  I do not agree with the U.N. moves in this regard.  Free speech is free speech, and I tend to enjoy it when I am not taking it for granted.  I cannot say I lose a lot of sleep over it, since I am not sure what the U.N. can do in this regard or nearly any other regard. (I do think the World Health Organization is just fine.)  I do not foresee the U.N. shutting down the New York, Washington, Los Angeles or London Times.  Tom proceed to pat himself, and deservedly so, on the back for having "Free Inquiry" print four of the twelve Danish Mohammed cartoons, while others cowered in the dark back in 2005.   While I support the intentions of blasphemy day, I doubt I am going to work and tell anyone in my office that Jesus should just go sit and spin and Moses ought to do the same.  I wonder if anyone would get it if I noted during a meeting that Zeus should go to Hades?  Nah-h-h too subtle.

Brayton conducted an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is an outspoken and brave woman with an Islamic past fighting for free speech and woman's rights.  She has also appeared on the July 3, 2009 edition of "Point of Inquiry."  She is an incredible spokesman.  She argues moving and thoughtfully on why some on the left should not give Islam a pass for some of Islam's rather draconian and medieval practices in general and especially those against women.  

The one eye rolling moment tucked into the show was the discussion on why the Darwin movie "Creation" has not picked up a distributor in the United States.  It seemed to me that they were not being objective at all on why the movie was not picked up in the U.S.  An excellent discussion on why it may not have found a distributor for reasons other than it being about that scoundrel Darwin has been handled ably by Brian Thompson.  Dave and Jeremy just seemed to buy into the producers lament with very little doubt that the United States is too close-minded to handle a Darwin movie.  Anyway, it'll probably make it to Pirate Bay or for the more legally minded Amazon within a few weeks.

Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable show.  Now, I wonder if F&M or Gettysburg Colleges will be receiving a free shipment of "The Origin of Species" anytime soon, so I can have my wife play innocent student and pick me up a copy.

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