Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amateur Scientist Podcast

A Star is Born?


This week both Bob and Brian of Skeptoid the Amateur Scientist Podcast were under the weather, so Brian had Akaky Akakievich guest host this week.  Akakievich and Thompson apparently play basketball together at the YMCA, who knew Thompson was an athlete?  I have to say I am not sure if I feel like Ringo the first time John played "I am the Walrus" thinking this is weird but good, or like Ringo the first time John played "Revolution #9" and thinking this is just weird.  Akakievich is apparently Turkish, although his last same ending with vich seems to indicated some Slavic ancestry.  Also, Akakievich must have spent a great deal of time in Romania or at least Transylvania as his accent sometimes slipped into Dracula speak.  (Vampires are all the rage these days, perhaps Akakievich was just trying to be cool with the kids.) 


Akakievich relayed a story about losing the love of his life to a whale, which while quite extraordinarily bizarre was also quite touching.  While I am sure such characters as Akakievich are a dime a dozen in Louisiana, in Pennsylvania he would probably be arrested.  Pennsylvanians generally frowned upon people dating whales, we just are not that progressive. 


Akakievich then briefly covered the news of the day regarding tongue piercing increasing the risk of brain infections, the balloon boy incident, and the latest study that reveal that copper and magnetic bracelets are of no benefits to treat joint pain.  Overall, I thought this was a stupendous first effort for Akakievich.  If I were Thompson I'd be worried that with a bit more practice Akakievich might outshine him, and if not take over the show do his own competing podcast.  I still think Akakievich might end up in prison, it was an odd show even for the Amateur Scientist.    

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