Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Amateur Scientist Podcast

The Amateur Styletist

In a change of pace The Amateur Scientist Podcast conducted an interview with Tim Gunn er-r I mean Jesse Torn of NPR and Put this on a new men's style podcast.  (Don't use the term fashion or Mr. Gunn, I mean Mr. Torn, will be upset.) 

Actually, other than being a rather random topic for a show that usually consists of 40 minutes of phallus jokes or 40 a minute interview with a skeptic, it was rather interesting.  Thompson attempted to bring in a thread of skepticism by covering myths of men's style but he was not fooling anyone with this fig leaf.  Thompson must have known this was an atypical show since it started with neither the Amateur Scientist, or Inside the Amateur Scientist Studio voice over. 

Generally, the advice given by Mr. Torn was reasonable, and I basically agreed.  Yes, Steve McQueen was the best dressed tough guy in the twentieth century (and perhaps even the sixteenth century, although Sir Walter Raleigh would give him a run for his money.)  Yes, you have to be just the right type with the right bearing to get away with a bow tie.  Yes, men are lucky our clothes do not change as drastically from season to season  or even decade to decade, as long as we do not count 1968 to 1978, as much as women's clothes.  Basically, Torn gave advice that I would imagine most men in a civilized society ought to know, but then I looked at some the dudes' threads as I was walking into work today, and people are quite clueless.  Perhaps Thompson is correct that his listeners may need a bit of a style nudge, since it appears society as a whole needs help.  I did agree with Torn that trying to be individual by wearing a t-shirt with some logo on it and jeans is basically being a sheople.  (I think the same can be said for all the individual statements made by the proliferation of tattoos over the last twenty years.  That is a topic for a different post.  Actually, it is not.  This isn't a fashion or style blog.  What a rabbit hole.) 

I suppose my only area of disagreement with Torn is the "buy less clothes of higher quality" theory of wardrobe stocking.  After a couple of weeks, if you have a minimal number of clothes you will be sporting the college summer intern look of "I only own two pairs of pants and one shirt that are acceptable office attire.  There is no substitute for more clothes equaling more options.  I fall into the camp of have a fair number of mid-level clothes sprinkled with a few higher end things to snap everything up a bit. 

Anyhow, I do not consider myself a style master by any means.  While I enjoyed the change of pace of this show, Thompson better get back to snarky skepticism because if he interviews a food critic next week I do not know what I am going to write.  (Chef Garcia believes that fruit is the best basis for a dessert, and I think it is a damnable lie.  I'll have to change the name of my blog to the Metro-sexual review)

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