Monday, October 12, 2009


The bad documentary that I want to see.

This week Chuck and Leighton did a review of "The Haunting in Georgia."  A documentary that is apparently also going to be made into a motion picture about of all things a haunting in Georgia.  I do not know if it how C & L explained the film or if the documentary was an accurate depiction of the alleged events, but it sounded like a complete mess.  Basically, a little girl, the family's daughter, has an imaginary friend, but then a relative tells them its a ghost.  A parapsychologist is recruited and after doing some goofy test with magnetic fields, thermometers, and ion detectors tells them it is just a replay of past event upon the present.   It is not a ghost.   However, a couple of psychics are called in on the case and they disagree about what exactly is happening, but something paranormal is happening.  A priest or pastor does a long range exorcism on the house from the church, but it does not work.  Finally, the pastor tells them they just gotta have faith, and then things just seem to calm down and the haunting just become an irregular but manageable occurrence.

Now if the above reads like a confused mess, well that's how the show sounded.  I suspect that a lot of the reason the above tale sounds like a tangle is because the underlying story is a tangle.  Now I want to see this documentary for my own edification.  This goes against what C & L indicated during their show.  They made it quite clear in telling the above unclear tale not to see this film.  I think the show failed on that score.  It sounded so very bad, that it just might be good.  I found it on here for $.25.  That's right for a quarter.  The big question for me is will Hermione watch it with me, or am I going to have to use a precious guy's night to watch it.

Chuck and Leighton were as entertaining as ever, and actually were able to get in a few skeptical logical fallacies in to boot.

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