Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Amateur Scientist Podcast episode 80

Brian Thompson, host of the Amateur Scientist, in the touching lyrics of the great Gilbert O'Sullivan was "Alone Again (Naturally)," but in the words of the great lyrics of David Naughton "He was makin' it."  Indeed, this week's episode found Thompson doing the show solo as Bob Teague was not available.  Bob was becoming Batman, or doing voice over work, or something.  Never fear, Thompson was clearly up to the task of going through the news stories of the day on his own.  The end result came off a lot like an old (season 1) episode of Mysterious Universe, except instead of awed wonderment at a story of spontaneous combustion wrapped in slick Australian accent, it was hilarious reading by Thompson of the comments posted on the local news, WFTB, about the spontaneous combustion story read with biting sarcasm.

As I posted on the Amateur Scientist forums, Thompson's production values have cleared improved.  I do not know if it is a case of practice makes perfect, new audio software, a new microphone, or little elves doing the postproduction at night.  Thompson's production value is at least even with the aforementioned Mysterious Universe, which is quite good.

My only complaint with this episode was the show only clocked in at a tad under 24 minutes--about ten minutes less than a typical Thompson/Teague effort.  I suppose that reveals the typical show consists of two thirds content and one third warped and perverse banter of genital jokes and slurs.  There were plenty of slurs and sex jokes in this episode, but if Thompson is ever forced to go it alone again he needs  a bit more material.

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