Sunday, November 22, 2009

SGU, Steelers, Licorice

On this date early on a cold morning in western Michigan, I was born.  Therefore no substantial post today.  Instead, I am off to a Steeler bar to watch Pittsburgh play at Kansas City.

Ok - I did listen to the latest SGU.  It was very good, and all the Rogues were present and back into the swing of things.  Rebecca sounded like her old self and not jet lagged or off kilter in anyway.  They had a very good discussion of the new mammogram schedule proposed by a U.S. Government task force.  It stripped away a lot of the baloney going around, and obviously it was nice to have a thoughtful physician (Steve) and a thoughtful woman (Rebecca) discuss the reasons and implications for the new proposed testing schedule.

The show also interviewed Professor Ken Feder on to discuss 2012 and what the Mayan calendar date of 2012 likely meant to them, and it's not the end of the world.  He also discussed how a historical preservation society in Connecticut is getting into bed with a ghost hunter group to increase interest in preserving homes and buildings of interest.

The Rogues also did quick movie review of the movies "2012" and "The men who stare at goats."

I have more to add but I have get the dog walked and then I must don my black and gold and get going.

A few weeks back Skepticalilty did a show on absinthe.  Last night I drank absinthe for the first time.  It tastes like black Twizzlers licorice sticks.  It is not bad, but not for me.  I have not yet gone mad, or did I hallucinate.

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