Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Essay, and Amateur Scientist Podcast.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  One hundred and forty-six years ago smack in the middle of the War of the Rebellion, President Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November, 1863 as a day of Thanksgiving.  While not the first such proclamation by a President of the United States, it has been repeated each year on this date except for a bit of meddling by President Franklin Roosevelt.  Why Lincoln chose to give thanks in a year that found the nation split and saw the death or maiming of 50,000 men at the Battle of Gettysburg alone is an odd thing to be thankful.  Yet, this holiday it is a wonderful excuse to feast upon turkey, stuffing, yams, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, various pies, watch parades and football games.  Relatives visit who are too cheap to cough up a present to visit at Christmas. (It’s also a time to miss those fighting in a far away rat hole in Afghanistan or Iraq.) The night before turkeyfest a large percentage people gather with friends to get their drink on at bars and pubs across the land, and the night after food-o-palooza show up at shopping centers at the stroke of midnight for bargains, deals, and mayhem.  It’s an indulgence marathon.  If Honest Abe thought it worth while for a nation killing itself to give thanks, we might as well enjoy the tradition with gusto as the nation slips into third world economic doldrums.   Pass the gravy, and damn people try the sweet potato pie.  It is superior to pumpkin pie.  

Amateur Scientist

Once again Brian Thompson was flying solo without Bob.  Thompson really ought to consider try outs for a new co-host.  His Kathy Lee is gone, and it's time to find Kelly Ripa.  It is not that the show was bad, but Thompson just sounds a bit lonely.  

The most interesting part of the show for me was Glenn Beck's one hundred year plan.  Beck has been reading.  Why this is a big deal is pretty sad in itself.  Anyway, Beck has been reading and is wise onto the 100 year socialist plan now about to come full bloom.  Beck has his own 100 year plan, which is just like the long term thinking of the Chinese, that he is going to announce.  Presumably in 100 years, we'll be living in a Glenn Beck utopia of tears, half baked facts, and mormonism.  The thing that struck me is that someone who preaches the value of the individual, democracy and capitalism fits with a prescribed 100 year plan is completely beyond me.  He's following the Chinese model, which while undergoing an economic boom is still an autocratic government.  Does Beck realize or even care that he basically promoting that which he claims to attack.  I have my own plan.  Lock Beck, O'Reilly, Olbermann, and Matthews all in a room armed only with pool cues.  Tell them to come out from each of their corners and fight.  I am not sure who would be the victor, but I do think the American viewing public would be a winner.  

Thompson also did a spoof on Darwin's balls at the Antique's Road Show that did not work for me.  Not everything can be hilarious, just look at Chevy Chase on "Community."  


  1. My humor tends towards the intellectual and I'm usually not a fan of lockerroom type humor but Brian usually carries it off quite well. It's like how Adrian Mole used to justify reading Big and Bouncy magazine, although he despited it being in the hands of others. Mole was an intellectual, you understand.

  2. Puff,

    I agree. Normally, Thompson pulls off such bawdy humor quite well. This time it just did not work for me.

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