Monday, December 14, 2009

Podcast Awards Winners

The world of skeptical thought performed rather well this year at the Podcast Awards.  "The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe" won best Educational category.  "Reasonable Doubts" won in the Religion Inspiration category. "Quackcast" won in the Health Fitness category.  I am still not sure what the winners receive such as a statue, a bag of money, gift basket, or pat on the back, but all three should be proud of their popular recognition.  While I am happily surprised by "Quackcast" and "Reasonable Doubts" performance, I would have been ticked if SGU would not have deservedly won.  I wonder if some of the other shows in the Religion Inspirational category will use "Reasonable Doubts" win as evidence of the pending second coming, or a victory of satan on Web 2.0. 
Congratulations to all. 


  1. Ha. Awesome!

    Skeptoid lost in the People's Choice.
    No skeptical pocasts to be found in Best Produced.
    Scam School and Mr. Diety lost out in Best Video
    No skeptical podcasts in Mobile Phone podcasts (really? they exist?)
    No skeptical podcasts in Business although the planet money bunch won and I think they're sympathetic to skeptical thinking
    No skeptical podcasts in Comedy
    No skeptical podasts in Culture/Art
    No skeptical podcasts in Entertainment
    No skeptical podcasts in food
    No skeptical podcasts in Gaming
    No skeptical podcasts in General (although Stuff You Should Know sometimes covers skeptical friendly topics)
    No skeptical podcasts in GBLT (although I think that Amateur Scientist didn't even get a nom shows what a farce this is)
    No skeptical podcasts in Adult
    No skeptical podcasts in Movies
    No skeptical podcasts in podsafe music
    No skeptical podcasts in Politics
    No skeptical podcasts in Sports
    One skeptical podcasts in Science (Skepticality lost)
    No skeptical podcasts in Travel


    Out of 6 categories where skeptical podcasts stood for an award, 3 won their category. 50%. Not bad.

    And no woo podcast seems to have won.

  2. In the Video category, it would have been a shock for any show other than TWIT to win. This Week in Tech has a extremely large and loyal following.

    I am glad that Skeptoid and SGU did not split the vote, and let some other party win. All in all it was a heartening showing by skeptical crowd.

    An adult version of Conspiracy Skeptic would be a nice angle.

    I would love to know how many votes "Skepticality" recieved. That would have been a nice win.

  3. Conspiracy Skeptic After Dark. Get some swanky jazz music, have a grotto. I like it.

  4. If you have a grotto then it is incumbent upon you to have a band of scantily clad woman to frolic, and then they need a name. The obvious one is the Conspiracy chicks, but I believe Rebecca Watson would sue for trademark infringement and bad taste. Conspiracettes, or some other massagenist name, and then the episode could be called something like "For the Love of Puffin."

    I have too much time on my hands tonight.

  5. The Women from UNCLE? (the Unbelievably Nubile Conspiracy Loving Enterprise)


    It occurs to me Skepiko wasn't nominated for jack all. Podcast Awards are unfair!


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