Thursday, December 10, 2009

Righteous Indignation, Inside the Amateur Scientist Studio

Two quick podcast discussions 

This week Righteous Indignation interviewed Jon King of the "Conscious Ape" radio show and conspiracy author.  However, before I touch upon his interview which mainly focus on the alleged plot and coverup of Diana, Princess of Wales, I would like to discuss a topic brought up on the news segment.

The show discussed the recent referendum passed in Switzerland outlawing the further construction of minarets in the nation.  The group discussed the fairness of the law, and Marsh indicated that if it outlawed all religious structures he would be more apt to support such a ban, but picking out a single religions structure to ban was improper.  Perhaps this is the deep seeded 'merican in me, but I dislike the idea of banning any type of religious structure for any reason other than valid safety concerns, such as placing a five hundred foot tall obelisk next to an airport runway, or it's my neighbor's obelisk that will cast a shadow on my old non-hybrid roses. (The second one is not a safety issue, but apparently they do not make my roses anymore, so it is a safety issue to them.)  Whether it is any structure related to religion or a few picked out from web of the faithful, any banning strikes a cord with me to let people do what they want.  It is that free exercise clause of the U.S. Constitution that they burn into our brains when we are born I suppose.

King, the conspiracy guy, seems to have an interesting world view.  On the one hand reptillian overlords he considers too crazy, but a conspiracy involving "Boston Brakes" on Diana's Mercedes carried out by British mercenaries is likely according to King.  Over all his theory did fit the Novella/DeAngelis paradigm* of the conspiracy minded.  All the sheeple are duped into think the paparazzi caused an unfortunate accent in a French tunnel which killed Diane and all but one in the car, but King can figure out the errors in the conspiracy and his army of light will root out the truth.  In this case, King knows people who know people in the know about what really went down.  The conspiracy would not have to be so great to cover it up according to King -only the French police, British and French investigators, a team to take over and control the Mercedes with the Boston Brakes,  and at least some of the press.  Therefore, it must only be a few score people.  As always the Indignates do a very nice job interviewing a "believer," asking good quesitons without getting into an out and out argument.

"It looks as if her mom is about to barge in at any moment and ask her what the hell is going on?" -Hermione on Scandalishious YouTube video bed dancing to "What about love."

Scandalishious was the guest on The Amateur Scientist segment, Inside the Amateur Scientist Studio.  Scandalishious is a living internet/cultural meme, and is a reflection of the current . . . Oh heck, it was all just wrong on so many levels. 

A meme is unit of culture generally described as an analog to genes.  Cultural memes are typically a religious belief, holidays observances, keyboard cat, or being Rick rolled.  Most of which are conventions and ideas that have an unplanned growth and spread through a catchy cultural notion.  Scan is purposefully trying to become famous as a presence across the tubes of the interwebs in what to me is a painfully contrived manner.  I suppose she could argue she is trying to be an (a-hem) intelligently designed meme.  It also seems to me that she is not particularly original and merely mediocre in her pursuit of fame and meme-dom.  The whole thing has me recalling perhaps the pioneer in internet celebrity –Jenni of the fame.  In the late 1990’s and early part of the this decade Jenni had a webcam running in her dorm room and later apartment 24/7 documenting her life.  She was an internet pioneer with an growing notoriety which landed her on Letterman and a spread in Modern Ferret magazine.  At least Jenni was an original, and for the time a decent web designer.  Scan has a lot of spunk and a goal, but her goal is to to be a William Hung, and that says a lot.

Overall I found myself wholly unimpressed (although I suspect Thompson find her impressive but perhaps not in a productive way) with Scandalicious, but she did seem aware that her brand of fame is fleeting.  Her schick is bad, but not so bad it is good -just bad.  Ultimately, this is her two meter wide exhaust port just below the main port (for you non-Lucas geeks -weakness.) 

The interview is short, quirky, and Thompson as always handles it all with aplomb.  Good grief, I found the whole thing depressing.

*Karl Mamer, Conspiracy Skeptic, is the keeper of this skeptical rule.  




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