Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Righteous Indignation

This week Righteous Indignation interviewed Nick Redfern, author of the book “Contactee.”  Redfern’s book is a discussion of the UFO contact with ETs in the post-World War II era.  Redfern has a very open mind about the subject.  He is not saying that aliens or extra-dimensional beings have or have not contacted people, but he does seem to think something is occurring.  He postulates that the ETs when they contact people are not showing themselves as they actually appear, but as the person expects or can handle them appearing. (They literally get inside your head, man.)  This helps to explain why in the immediate post war period the ETs were often tall, long blonde-haired beings, but have altered more into the more popular grays.  He also thinks it is possible that ball lighting (plasma orbs) are actually intelligent devices to control the mind of the visitee.  It is a unique theory, but I have no idea how you would test for it because you could always fall back on “that’s what the entities want the person to see.” 

Redfern does acknowledge that some contactee are fakes, mistaken, and exaggerators.  He does not purport to be certain of his hypothesis.  However, his ideas are a stretch, and seem more to be a theory to fit the strange nature of the facts than based on the best evidence to give the whole contactee phenomenon some viable explanation.  Redfern came across as a pleasant, earnest person who seems, to use a cliche, keeping his mind so open that his brain threatens to fall out.  

The indignates, before the quote of the week segment, read an open letter from the Merseyside Skeptics to the "Boots" chain pharmacy to stop selling and lending their name to homeopathic remedies and concoctions in their stores.  I wish them the best in their endeavor to get a major corporation to take a money making product line off the shelves.  I suspect their endeavor is not likely to succeed, just as the US drug stores that sell "head on" homeopathic pain killers (works by rubbing the wax on the spot that hurts) will keep selling this and other homepathic products, but you cannot know unless you try.

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