Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

This week Mike sat in for Rebecca, although Rebecca did contribute an interview segment from the Coalition for Libel Reform. (For more details on the British Libel hullabaloo see my last post with a nickel overview of the subject, to which my wife, the good attorney in the family, contributed.)

Mike, as always, fits right in with the official Rogues. It makes sense for Mike to be the fill in guy, especially given the time difference between England and New England and Mike's relationship with the show. However, I still think as good as Mike is, and perhaps he ought to be given the sacred Rogue status, a female presence is appreciated.

I will say that while I enjoyed the email question on how would food eaten on the holodeck in Star Trek affect the crewman would never have flown if Rebecca was on the panel. The news story on direct computer interface with a person's mind was highly interesting for instead of dubious facilitative communicators for those in a locked-in state, the patient could legitimately "talk" to people via computer. However, as the speculating continued, I suspect the late Perry would have blurted out "what are you talking about" and cut the conversation short. (Perhaps I am in a nostalgic mood.)

All in all, it was a good show as they inevitably all are, and it made the shoveling of a foot of snow a bit easier. Now, where is that "Active On" homeopathic preparation to soothe my aching bones . . . (Luckily for Billy Joel's daughter such preparations have little to no active ingredients. While they may not do a thing to dull my aches luckily that also makes it tough to use them to take your own life as was discussed on the show.)

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