Saturday, January 23, 2010

Florida, Thanks, The Skeptic Zone

I am traveling back from a nice break in central Florida from the cruel central Pennsylvania winter. As my Twitter and Facebook friends know from my barrage of updates while in Disney World (such is the self indulgent possibilities of modern media) that I have a love/hate relationship with the Mouse. On the one hand, I have had a nice fill of cotton candy goo bombarding my brain and feel a need to read a copy of "The Economist" and "Scientific American" in a sitting to jump start the little gray cells. The money spent if you stayed in the World could pay for a nice trip to Munich or another culturally relevant locale. Yet, another bit of me can't wait to return and escape once again.

One thing I am certain is that Karl Mamer is one fantastic skeptic, and I am quite lucky and grateful for his week of guest posts. Mr. Mamer has a open invitation to post as he sees fit into the future. Thanks Karl!

"The Skeptic Zone"

A quick blurb on this week's "Skeptic Zone" while I sit in the Orlando International airport.

Kylie Sturgess worked overtime interviewing Michael "Marsh" Marshall and Sean the Blogonaut in two separate interviews. Marsh is well known to my readers as a co-host of "Righteous Indignation." He is also involved in the Mersey Side Skeptics, and the 10-23 campaign among other skeptical activities. Marsh was on to explain his 10-23 campaign to focus public attention on why homeopathy is not actual medical care in any sense but just nonsense. The earlier part of the campaign is targeting "Boots" pharmacy since they have admitted that they sell homeopathic preparation not because they work, but because they sell. It is always entertaining to hear Marsh, and to know a new generation is out keeping woo on its toes. Please refer to one of my last posts to find the link to the 10-23 site to read about it.

Sean the Blogonaut is a skeptical blogger who is real laid back, and I must admit I did not find him impressive on the interview. I shall withhold a wider judgment until I can read his site. God knows how I came across on "Conspiracy Skeptic," but I am sure it was not great. It's why I blog and am not a podcaster. That and they kept announcing flights during his interview, and I distract easily. After I read his blog, I'll try and do a quick more fair blurb later.

Finally, the "Think Tube" was a special "Think" in Brian Dunning's hot tub with Brian's wife Lisa, Gus, and Sarah Dunn and Lizzie Nichols. Sarah, Lizzie, and Gus seemed to be members of the Orange County Skeptics in the pub. The group discussed Dunning's upcoming full 13 week episode of his video "In Fact . . ." The group discussed how Gus, Lizzie, and Sarah came to be skeptics, the number of terms Australians have for idiot, that vegamite is gross, and how people look back on older work and generally think it is unsatisfactory.

I found the discussion on how the U.S.A. with separated church and state takes the religion of its elected leaders far more seriously than in less strict church-state countries such as Australia. I have no evidence for my view, but I think religion untethered from the state is why it is more important in the U.S. Religions have to compete for members and in doing so keep religion front and center. I think it is a reasonable hypothesis that if the U.S. suddenly subsidized religion it would be the beginning of the end of mass faith. I have no way to prove it, but that's my two cents from the airport.

I did find the whole hot tub aspect distracting. I do not know why, but in my minds eye it was weird, and then when it was pointed out the group was not the most physically fit -ew-w-w-w. Stick to the restaurant after a nice chinese meal "Think Tanks.".
Anyway, it was an overall interesting show to hear in the airport, and I look forward to more normal conditions in the coming weeks.

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  1. *I'm not one for hot tubs myself! :p But I do love Vegemite! *
    Thanks again and hope you like the Dr Chris French interview coming up next week (I hope, sometimes depends on breaking news). :)


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