Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Amateur Scientist Podcast

This week found Brian Thompson back in top form with his brand of dark adult humor with a skeptical bent.

First with the end of the show, last week Thompson announced that the AmSci podcast had procured a phone line courtesy of Google technology prowess. Thompson requested that listeners phone into the show with the dirtiest definitions found in the "Webster's Dictionary.". Karl Mamer of the "Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast," guest author on this blog, and guest author on the AmSci website, called in with the definition of tongue-in-groove. The word does makes me snicker, but I am concerned that Mamer did not sound like the familiar chipper CS host, but more akin to a late night phone call made to the ex during a lonely spell. People of Toronto, I beseech you to show Mamer some love.

Thompson rolled through some topical news items. He covered the six million dollars the U.S. military is spending on building super bugs or bacterium that cannot be killed. He covered the brutal murder of a sixteen year old girl who was killed for the high crime of talking to boys. How a pastor is asking for non-Christians to be mystery church attendees to rate the competition. The website also rates churches which sounds similar to Hotels.com or Angie's list except for worship.

The show then had a guest bit regarding the teaching of abstinence vs. teaching safe sex. The question in particular was whether sex education be fear based or science evidenced based on teaching kids about how to do it with minimal risk. I know I come out on the side of fear for keeping the kids pregnancy and disease free. You see I am the son of an Ob-Gyn father and an R.N. mother. From the time I was a wee tyke and older I heard about a lot of pregnant teen patients, with the clap, or genital warts, or other ugly things you wish your privates to avoid. Once I hit my teen years, while the young girls in my peer group were enticing, I also had visions of female baby making petri dishes of inflamed naughty bits dancing in my brain. Yikes! Therefore, I suggest the best sex ed is to have all teenagers rotate through an Ob-Gyn's dinner conversation for about two months to scare the kids smart.

Thompson's final bit on the show was a touching folksong to his imaginary son on how it is awesome to be white in honor of black history month. It sounds odd, but it really worked. At the tale end we heard lonely Mamer's call.

The show made my commute to the train station a breeze, and I highly recommend this episode.
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