Monday, February 8, 2010

Righteous Indignation

Our pals across the pond

This week on Righteous Indignation, the Indignates discussed their experiences at the 10:23 campaign overdose gatherings.  Hayley Stevens shared some audio clips of interviews she performed while at her gathering.  First, nobody died.  Not that I thought it likely since they were gobbling down sugar, er-r-r homeopathic remedies and there are no active ingredients.  Interestingly, many of the participants reported suffering from a sugar rush, which I found surprising unless they are gulping down horse pills.  It could be that my poor diet based in large part upon chocolate bars has built up my tolerance to large quantities of sugar.  It sounded as if the various gatherings came off with only minor hitches, and the riot police were not called in firing rubber bullets and spraying water canons into the dense crowd of right minded geeks.  

There are plans to sell 10:23 shirts to the general public, which I would like to own.  I can add it to my skeptical swag of SGU attire, my stylish Amateur Scientist shirt, and now an import from fashionable Britain.  Or is Britain fashionable, as the show discussed a growing tendency of Britians to wear their pajamas in public.  Apparently, some in Britain are taking offense to supermarket patrons who shop in pajamas and even bare feet.  While all the Indignates agreed that bare feet in a market is pretty bad, they disagreed about the pajamas in public.  Trystan was opposed, while Hayley thought it was fine.  I suspect there might be a generational aspect in this opinion.  I think pajamas in public is just too scruffy and should be discouraged, but my twenty-something wife disagrees with my thirty-something opinion and thinks it is fine.  How this story is skeptical, I don't know.  I found it enjoyable nevertheless. 

Hayley covered Andrew Wakefield being censored and having his MMR Vaccine report being deleted by the Lancet.  As Hayley was discussing her thoughts that this would not change anyone's minds in the anti-vaccination movement, my wife sent me an article that Jenny McCarthey and her beau Jim Carrey are going to continue to support their man Wakefield.  Trystan shared that he chose not to give his son the MMR vaccination at the time due to the Wakefield study and instead opted for the three shots instead of one.  The mumps vaccination on its own stopped being available after Trystan chose to go the three shot route,and now his son has gone without the mumps vaccination, the one of the three innoculations.  This is quite sad and disturbing to me.  You can win a battle, but not change hearts and even more importantly minds.  

They also covered the opinion of Pope Benedict XVI that Britain's discussed equality bill violates natural law and should not be supported.  The problem with the law according to Marsh is that it would outlaw discrimination in the workplace for sexual orientation, i.e. homosexuals.  To the Pope, this would violate natural law and should be fought with missionary zeal.  What is it with the current Pope?  The late John Paul II was loved by many and respected by those who did not share all of his (the church's) viewpoints.  The current Pope sounds right at home in 1953 or at Mel Gibson's house.  They are both Popes.  They both follow and support the same basic tenants, but B-16 just can't keep his holy foot out of his mouth.  

Gavin Schofield, who it seems is now a full fledged Indignate, shared a story that images on Google Earth show pictures of UFOs (portal to a different dimension) or it was a twig or branch in the way of the camera.  I'm guessing the more likely explanation is the UFO, right?  The second image discussed was water on the camera lens.  It was not even close to being mysterious.  

As is the norm, and the now four Indignates, did an enjoyable show.

Post Script 
This past Sunday while watching the halftime show of the Super Bowl, which featured a performance by the Who (actually half of the Who, sadly half of the original band has died) the host of the party we were attending noted how the Who are great, but not as good as the Rolling Stones, who are better than the Beatles.  Now gentle reader please understand I am a famously loyal Beatles fan.  I have all their CDs, about a dozen 45s, dozens of LPs in their American and even some in their British version, and much to my wife's chagrin a copy of all the Beatles fan club Christmas records that I make her endure while we trim the tree.  While such things as comparing musical groups is subjective, clearly the support in favor of the Beatles outweighs the Rolling Stones but there is no way to prove it.  In this ilk comparing American football to soccer or baseball to cricket or some made up sounding game called rounders is as subjective.  I bring up the above because the Indignates (of Righteous Indignation) noted my defense of football in my last review of their fine podcast while supporting their love of soccer and disdain for baseball.  So instead of ratcheting up rhetoric another notch and breaching the peace between our two great nations that has lasted since the Treaty of Ghent of 1814, I offer in the event any of the Indignates ever get to the Northeastern United States to take them to a football or baseball game.  At the very least it is a great excuse to see the Steelers, Eagles, Yankees, or Nationals play.  Truly, as Dr. Mark Crislip is a Francophile, I am an Anglophile.  Brits have the Beatles, the Royal Navy who names ships "Indefatigable" which most Americans have no clue is a real word, Monty Python, and Top Gear.  What's not to love?  


  1. Beatles, definitely.

    Ha ha! There really is a game called rounders as I'm sure you probably know. It's like baseball or softball but played with a really short bat by school children and. Never been overly mad on baseball. In all fairness I do quite enjoy watching what you call football. All spectator sports pale behind MMA. 20 over cricket is well worth watching though as it is a slog fest and how the game should have always been played.

    The mumps thing is a bit of a sad story really. I was keen on MMR and my partner had reservations as neither us were overly sure at the time of the ins and outs of Wakefield's study so we opted for the single alternatives. What's alarming is that despite Mumpsvax no longer being in production there are single vaccination clinics in the UK still advertising all three.

  2. I personally didn't experience a sugar rush. I wonder if people were just experiencing general excitment and calling it a sugar rush? It was great fun either way, I have to say.

    You so should try to get a 10:23 thsirt, I wear mine when I'm around the house (I got a big one so can't really wear it outside) and it's so comfy.

  3. Your 10:23 shirt sounds suspiciously close to a night shirt, and that in public is just not right.

  4. Nigel you got the better shout out but I got two shout outs in this ep :) So that counts for something.

  5. Yes. When one of the hosts of the show is your "web paramour" that canceles part of it out. Ha, ha, ha

  6. Any right minded skeptic ought admire Ms. Stevens.


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