Thursday, June 17, 2010

Token Skeptic with Milton Mermikides and George Hrab

Just a few words on the latest Token Skeptic.  Instead of Kylie Sturgess, stepping into the interviewer role is none other than musician/skeptic and hep cat Milton Mermikides.  Mermikides takes over the mic to interview fellow Pennsylvanian musician, skeptic, podcaster, drummer for the Philadelphia Funk Authority, and solo artist George Hrab on his sixth and latest album Trebuchet.  

I began listening with a bit of trepidation expecting it to be an interview on how Hrab wrote a song called something like 'Homeopaths on my Roof' after watching one too many ads for Head On.  Hrab might toss in a few bits of shared skeptical disgust at one topic or the other and that's how he wrote 'Meryl Dorey needs a shot.'  Not that it would be uninteresting, but sort of predictable.  In fact, it was nothing short of a brilliant interview for anyone who enjoys music, and read the liner notes to their latest LP as a kid, or got into that zone playing Van Halen looking for band front chicks in their friend's dad's Buick.

If you are expecting your typical interview of a fellow skeptic discussing the topics of the day, and what it is like to produce a podcast, and to you hearing music as a bunch of clap trap distraction this interview may disappoint.  If you loathe those kill joy skeptics, but you love music.   The music that you find so enthralling while you hear the ghost clanking around in the attic as you get your Qi read over the internet while popping homeopathic remedies, yes even you will enjoy this interview.

It is a simple interview between two musicians discussing the art of record making in the modern day and age.  Mermikides is wonderful at having Hrab share the joys and frustrations of writing music, and the vast number of choices one has in the studio to record a piece of music.  The topics ranges from the vast number of microphone choices to how to independently market a record during the internet age.  Really, being a skeptic, rationalist, or science had next to nothing to do with this interview.

It's about a forty minute interview but it is well worth the listeners time.

That Kylie Sturgess is a tricky one putting out a very good episode while only doing a brief introduction.  Those Australians are crafty.


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