Friday, October 15, 2010

TAM London Day Minus One

For some peculiar reason there are some people who seem to think us skeptical podcasters do nothing else with our time. If only that were the case I'd be doing my own thing for the best part of six days a week. I'd have cruised down the motorway to London for TAM, parking up in a leafy suburb and marvelling at the bizarre atmosphere on the Tube. But I'm not that lucky and after a horrible, utterly draining day at work even the thought of taking off to TAM London wasn't the most enticing. Actually it was, but the prospect of catching a busy train on a crowded platform made things less appealing. Due to a ridiculously cheap ticket upgrade I opted for First Class travel in the hope that I could unwind on the journey eastbound. But, no, big mouth behind me had obviously seen the same commoner's deal online, spending two and a half hours bellowing his views on Liverpool Football Club to the one person who was interested and everyone else who wasn't. Not even Mercury Rev could do the decent thing and drown him out.

By some small mercy central London is far smaller than you may expect. Just one stop away from Paddington Station on the Tube sits the Hilton Metropole where TAM is taking place. Three minutes walk and I am at the hostel where I'm staying for the next two nights. My wealth knows know bounds. The place is different. It sits above a pub and the rooms are what you may describe as cosy.

Sleep beckons...hopefully!

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  1. Yay for hostels! Yay for the Tube! You see, it all seems so terribly glamorous to us in the "colonies." keep us up to date on TAM London. Your effort is appreciated!


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