Monday, November 15, 2010

The SGU, The Skeptic Zone, and fast food

The gang from down under on "The Skeptic Zone" featured a nice long Think Tank including Dr. Dunlop and Richard. It is clear the gang is gearing up for the upcoming The Amazing Meeting Australia. Also discussed is an update on some goofy cell phone radiation device which was credulously covered by a technology correspondent on The ABC. In exciting news, a first will occur at TAM with a live show featuring all the Skeptic Zone folks together on the podcast at the same time. To make it even better, the vocally brilliant and all around astronomer made of awesomeness, Dr. Pamela Gay, will join the panel.

The episode opened with a brief, and somewhat disappointing, overview of the "Mind, Body, Spirit" show. (A new age alternative medicine quack tradeshow). Dr. Dunlop, Richard, and Maynard attended and Dunlop and Saunders just seemed burned out. It also seems they are marked men by some of the more cagey cranks.

In New England and Old England "The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe" was in rather fine spirits too on their last episode before their Vancouver and Sydney world tour '10. The Rogues covered the mysterious missile launch sited off the California coast, which is likely a vapor trail. They noted Carl Sagan Day, which I celebrated by watching some episodes of The Day the Universe Changed by James Burke on YouTube. (I know. I know. I ran into them and was sucked into an episode, and then it was time for bed. On James Burke Day I will watch Cosmos. I still have my original Cosmos book which has been well chewed by Ike, the then-teething puppy.)

The Rogues covered a quack device for treating seasonal affective disorder with LED earbuds as well as the formation of a mini-black hole at the LHC. These are all interesting topics! But I was intrigued by the follow up to the idea that McDonald's Hamburgers do not rot. It turns out a person on YouTube did an experiment and showed that Mickey D's burgers will rot just like regular grocery store purchased grub. What was intriguing was Dr. Novella sharing that the McDonald's black angus burger is pretty good stuff. Dr. Novella's endorsement caused Lady and I to desire one. The next day we patronized a McDonald's to sample a black angus burger as well as a McRib. (On a recent Amateur Scientist Podcast Brian Thompson mocked the McRib. A sandwich of which I had some fond childhood memories. I had to give the McRib it's due.). All I have to say is Dr. Novella sure is not fibbing. It is tasty. The McRib was good too. The burger was better. I did my deed for "science." I do wonder if this week burger sales will have an uptick in sales to skeptical geeks?

Next week a large portion of Skepidom will be gathering in Australia with many of my favored podcasters in attendance. I foresee a choppy bevy of shows with pre-recorded episodes and greatest hits in abundance. We'll see.

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