Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Irrligiosophy Episode 90

I was not planning on posting on this week's episode of Irreligi . . . Irreliger . . . Oh, that mormon podcast, but I felt the desire to share a brief few brief thoughts.  This week Chuck and Leighton do a very fine interview of Tyler Smith of the More than One Lesson podcast which bills itself of "Movie Talk for the Discerning Christian."  Last year in Episode 42 and 43when Chuck and Leighton reviewed their fellow nominees for the podcast awards one of which was Tyler's podcast and boy they really ripped into his show.  Somehow after a series of emails and telephones calls Tyler agreed to be a guest on the show.

It was a really well done conversation.  Turns out Tyler is a really nice, thoughful, and brave chap.  Chuck and Leighton are well known for the ability to leave no foul mouth, crass, crude, sexual joke, and sexual innuendo unused.  The show is often the essence of the very "dick" that many in the general skeptical community do no condone.  Yet, Chuck and Leighton as was shown in this episode with Tyler and in the episode with the Evidence4Faith folks can be calm, rational, and still entertaining interviewers (or interviewees) while not losing any of their own viewpoint in the process.  It is an impressive skill set.

The episode touches upon the current state of christian cinema, the current state of documentary film making, and just general discussion of film in general among a modestly meandering discussion.  Yes, the episode has a discussion of the Skunk Dick of the year award too.  (The duo show off an impressive interview skill set, they have not turned over a new leaf.) The show runs well over an hour, which is long for Irreligiosophy, but it well worth the investment of time.  I would dare say that Chuck and Leighton give the folks at Righteous Indignation a run for the money in the ability to engage with people who share an opposing viewpoint and still be thoughtful and engaging in the process while not being condescending in the act.  The big difference is that Trystan, Hayley & Co do not have to turn off their none interview personas nearly as much as Chuck and Leighton.  Both shows perform a style and service of interview, which is informative, thoughtful and not nearly as prevalent as it should be.  It is always an appreciated style of interview that there just does not seem to be enough of in podcast-land these days.

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