Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fortnight is the new Weekly?

It might just be my particular group of podcasts, but I have noticed a
general trend over the brief history of podcasting (for me,
2005-present) of this media moving from a weekly to bi-weekly
schedule, and sometimes to just plain random. The big exception to
this trend is the grandmaster of skeptical podcasting "The Skeptics'
Guide to the Universe". The SGU started off slightly random, but
after its first few months has a very steady release of a new podcast
each Saturday afternoon. It is an impressive track record.
"Skeptoid" has an impressive weekly track record of weekly 10 to 12
minute podcasts too. And, of course, "The Skeptic Zone" has
steadfastly stayed true to the weekly release schedule.
The other great-aunt and uncle of Derek and Swoopy of skeptical
podcasting with "Skepticality" has been on a bi-weekly schedule for
quite a bit of time. They have also, for the lack of a better term,
simplified the show from a multiple segment show with news, opinion,
interviews, and monkey news to an intro, Krelnik's skeptic history
segment, and an interview. This is not a bad thing, and it must make
production less time consuming, but I do miss monkey news.
Recently, the Indignates of "Righteous Indignation" have followed
those ex-Mormon guys at "Irreligiosophy" and moved from a weekly to
bi-weekly schedule. Neither show has altered their show format to
make production easier, but I do note R.I. has gone from a solid trio
to the Faithful Hayley and Tristan with a rotating third in the Marsh
position with Dr*T, the Irishman, and the actual Michael Marshall in
the Marsh position at times. Again, I am sure this helps scheduling
and production. Now that I think of it, Marsh has been following the
fortnight format on his "Skeptics with a K" podcast for sometime.
I note that other podcasts such as "Token Skeptic" have actually moved
to a more regular schedule, while Dr. Crislip, Karl Mamer, and "Just
Skeptics" gang appear to release an episode whenever they damn well
please. (Anarchists, the lot of them, I say, as is "Inkredulous.")
Still, without doing a lot of statical analysis and breaking out my
Burroughs adding machine, slide rule, and downloading Numbers from the
App Store (the real one from Apple and not those interlopers from
Amazon) it does appear to the volunteer skeptic who has a paying day
job, that two weeks appears to be the podcast release schedule that
prevails. Any less frequent and you risk falling off the listener
audience radar, but weekly gets to be a grind that takes precious time
from work, hanging with people in a non-cyber way, and just doing
non-skeptic stuff. If there was a way to make an honest living from
skepticism on a larger scale this might change, but until this occurs
bi-weekly seems to be the way to go.
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