Friday, April 1, 2011

Skeptical Conspiracy

Karl Mamer released a new podcast called "Skeptical Conspiracy."  It is a brief twenty minute tightly edited affair that opens with the Beatles instrumental "Flying." The episode jumped right down to business after Karl plugged his new forthcoming iPad app that he will be releasing in the near future.  The app allegedly features a schedule of his appearances, a detailed list of the correct answers to the Korean questions, as well as his poetry including his favorites "Lady can do better," "My English Rose and Lucky," "Marsh Man-crush." 


The inaugural episode featured an interview with a listener Marie Hill, and how she actually won the JREF million dollar challenge by using her powers to predict the lottery five times in a row.   She was the first psychic to realize her special gift could be used for such an obvious purpose.  Because she can win any old lottery when she feels like it, she forgot to collect the prize as she did not want for money.  Therefore, the JREF never announced that she collected the prize.  D.J. Grothe is crafty.  She shared that she was approached by Kylie Sturgess to win the Australian Skeptics' prize, and then split the money between the three of them, Marie, Kylie and Kylie's twin.  (She has a twin!  This explains how "one" alleged person can do so much and not pass out from all the effort.) 


It was a stunning pilot episode.  The new program will follow a tight weekly release schedule.  Karl ended it with his new slogan: "Skeptics, what do they know on April 1st?"

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