Monday, May 30, 2011

Conspiracy Skeptic, Quackcast, Token Skeptic

Karl Mamer host of the "Conspiracy Skeptic, is back after a bit of a delay due to a persistant cough.  If he only availed himself of homeopathic goodness that big Pharma handsomely pays Universities, physicians, Hospitals, and the science press to keep its useless sugar pills and water secret, he might actually be dead.  Enough on Karl's health.

This week's episode was on whether magic was a conspiracy.  My first thought was "oh, Karl is doing an episode on the U.S. military breaking the Japanese code during World War II.  Perhaps it's an "FDR knew all about Pearl Harbor" show.  Then, for some stupid reason, I thought it might be on the Majestic 12 where President Harry S. Truman knew all about alien visitation, which is a topic I have been looking forward to for quite some time.  (U.F.O.s were my thing in middle school to my first year of college.)  That was clearly just right out.  No.  The episode was about magic -- the type D.J. Grothe, James Randi, or Rebecca Watson have been known to perform from time to time leading to spectacular results for the skeptical world.  It was whether, allegedly, those practitioners of the magic trade keep their tricks and skills a deep dark secret from the world.  An interesting topic, and something I never really have pondered to a great extent.

The thing is, while I can readily recommend this episode as Karl's guest (Jacob Jax, a 21 year old College Student, working/aspiring magician/juggler in Las Vegas) is very interesting, they did not really seem to discuss a conspiracy to keep their skills secret, or at least it wasn't the primary discussion point.  What the episode was really about was just what it is like to be a young up and coming skeptic who happens to be sorta kinda, but not really, a padawan to Michael Goudeau.  It was a fascinating discussion.  Karl and Jacob had a wonderful chemistry.  Karl asked all sorts of interesting questions on how one learns the trade, and how much does one practice, and how does a practicing magician watch a fellow magician's act.  Can he enjoy it like a layman, or does he just dissect the tricks?

We also learn a highly interesting, but little known tidbit about Karl while he resided in Seattle a few years ago, which is also fascinating.  I won't spoil this little Easter Egg.  Overall, a good listen, just a little light on conspiracy.

At "Quackcast," Dr. Crislip, did a fairly brief run down on why drink unpasteurized milk may not be the best idea even if you think natural germy milk has a flavor that even adding chocolate to it cannot beat.  It was solid Crislip.  

Kylie Sturgess had a highly interesting interview with on "The Token Skeptic" episode 70 with Karen Stollznow, Matthew Baxter, and Bryan Bonner.  The three of them plus Rich Orman of the "Dogma Free America" podcast pretended to have a haunted house, and called in a ghost hunter with his gizmos and electronic toys to investigate if they were indeed sharing a house with the undead, or spirits of the dead, or whatnot.  It was an episode of turnabout on the ghost hunting community where instead of the "hunter" wigging out the home owner with tales of a demon living in the root cellar, the home owners wigged out the investigator.  I must admit, I was cheering Stollznow, Baxter, and Bonner all the way through the interview.  Yet, in the wee back of my mind I could not help but ponder if turnabout is indeed fair play on if they were being naughty on some purist level.  

On a personal note, I inadvertently did my part to fight the whooping cough this weekend.  Lady and I decided to renovate our kitchen all on our own for some insane reason (which must have seemed like a great idea at the time.)  Anyway, I stepped on a nail.  I spend two and half hours at the doctor's office getting a stat Tdap shot.  You too ought to get the Tdap too since it is a good idea and can save lives, but don't be a klutz and wait until you step on a nail to do it.  

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