Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nigel and Lady on Holiday and congrats Brian Thompson!

Faithful readers of Skeptical Review will notice it's been a mite quiet. Nigel and Lady W. are away on a much deserved holiday (or as Americans might say "vacation") to some place that is not Canada and lacks a robust DIY home improvement culture. Maybe Mexico? Maybe Hawaii? Paris, not likely. They'll be back at week's end and I, for one, will be waiting near their gate with a telephoto lens camera to snaps pictures of who is pushing their luggage cart. There's something fishy about those two.

In vastly, vastly more important news, the Skeptical Review family wants to send out a big congrats to Brian Thompson of the Amateur Scientist Podcast for his sweet new job as the James Randi Educational Foundation's Field Coordinator.

What's all that mean? Well, from the JREF page:

In addition to helping local skeptics form new groups, build community and advance critical thinking and science appreciation at the local level, he’ll be working to better connect existing groups with each other and with JREF programs and workshops, and also directing the JREF Speakers Bureau.

Sounds like a lot of travel and a lot of grabbing breakfast at Denny's. I, for one, am jealous.

Way to go Brian. And rest up, Nigel and Lady. Your kitchen reno is looking more... oh... kitcheny.

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