Friday, August 19, 2011

Ask A Canadian

Amateur Scientist Industries, run by podcast genius and faithful employee of the JREF Brian Thompson, has added a new podcast to his stable.  "Ask A Canadian" is a comedy podcast.  This is a skeptical blog, but this podcast fits since it includes the likes of "Monster Talk" own Dr. Atlantis (favorite son of Georgia Blake Smith), contribution by Desiree Schell, and none other than life long Canadian Karl Mamer of the "Conspiracy Skeptic" podcast and contributor to this very blog among others.

The show is a spin off ala "Facts of Life" from "Diff'rent Strokes" from the "Death Panel" podcast.  A segment on the Death Panel and now the basis of the show is that a panel of Americans ask Karl, the Canadian, a list of questions about being a Canadian or about Canada.  The goal of the panelist is not to learn more about the United States neighbor to the north, but to gain points.  The points are earned each time Karl apologies while being questioned.

The questions are goofy.  Dr. Atlantis is the same pun making machine that he is on "Monster Talk." Karl's, who is quick on his feet, is rapier sharp in his wit with his answers.  Between the segment on Death Panel and the first two episodes it all works quite well.  The humor is not for everyone.  It leans more towards the witty banter on "Conspiracy Skeptic" that arises from time to time, and light hearted touches on Monster Talk and less the Amateur Scientist Podcast more blue humor.

My only concern is the concept of the show is narrowly drawn.  The first three outings have been more than entertaining, but since the show is based around a single joke I have a hard to imagining it not going stale fairly rapidly.  I can see episode five being a hoot, but episode fifty?  On the other hand, I am sure the show can grow and change overtime to maintain its vigor.  Who knows? In three years AAC might be something akin to classic "Firing Line"than a twenty minute comic respite.

If you enjoy the Conspiracy Skeptic, Monster Talk, and enjoy the professional trained voice of Ms. Schell's Canadian 'facts' during the breaks this is a podcast must listen.

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