Saturday, September 24, 2011

Live thoughts on SGU24 Live!

The Sketpics' Guide to the Universe 24 hour show is upon the skeptical world.  I thought I would share a few brief thoughts.  I started watching it at 8pm until 1am, and then again starting a little after 6:30am.  I missed a big chunk of the show for reasons of sleep.  (I don't do all nighters all that well.)

The show started off with a lot of technical glitches.  It started 30 minutes late, and the audio quality was bad.  Then for about an hour from 9pm to 10pm-ish the show was down due to the ISP not being able to handle the bandwidth.  The Skype feed is quite low for the guests interviews.  I do not wish to be overly critical in this regard.  The SGU is not the TWiT network with years of practice behind it.  When TWiT started its video feed it was also quite touch and go.  Yet, it seems to me either more testing and/or starting with a much less ambitious broadcast might have made a bit of sense.  As of the early morning hours things seem to be going a bit more smoothly.  Let's face it, Skype just sucks.  On the other hand, the set looks quite impressive and a clear step above the Wayne's World feel that I was concerned over.  The Skeptilair set is a success.

So far Jamy Ian Swiss and Adam Savage were on the show briefly but were cut by technical difficulties.  Dr. Phil Plait did an entire hour segment, which was entertaining around mid-night.  From my twitter feed it looks like Brian Saunders and Richard Wiseman appeared while I slept.  As I type Brian Dunning is being interviewed.  Dunning is discussing moving to make Skeptoid his fulltime job.  Jay has shared he is getting married next weekend.

I will say the Rouges on air Steve, Jay, Evan and Bob at this point are looking a little rough, but still holding it together nicely.  I plan to check in throughout the day, but I have errands to do.  I hope to watch the last three or four hours before the episode ends.  The one thing I am interested in seeing as the episode rolls on are who are the guests as the show rolls into more "prime time."  While I am not a big fan of an affirmative action type worldview, it might be nice if a few more skeptical women are featured on the show other than Rebecca.  It could just be a matter of timing and when I am watching, but I hope to see the likes of Dr. Eugenie Scott,  Dr. Janice Binion, or a Jen McCrieight.  I am not saying the Rogues are keeping the show a sausage-fest on purpose, but I am noting a lack of female participation, which in these days of the expanding skeptical tent seems to be a bit of a possible oversight.

All in all, after a rather rocky start, I am enjoying show.  It appears this wacky experiment just might work.

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