Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Into the fray...

Why is every female I hear about over on Skepchick so friggin uptight and sanctimonious, letting any little thing get her freaking panties in a wad?  Let me see if I have this right.  A guy (or couple) comes up to you, is polite, says he enjoyed your presentation and hands you a card.  The card happens to be the funniest invitation to swinging I personally have ever heard about. (But crude and inappropriate, I know).  However, said receiver of card believes it to be the single worst affront to her womanly dignity that she can possibly imagine. *eyeroll*  If someone gave me that card, I would probably be shocked at first, but then I would see the obvious humor in the situation, laugh and realize the fabulous story I can share at the next happy hour, complete with visual aid!  Get the hell over yourself because right now, from all the stories I hear, everyone at Skepchick takes themselves way too seriously.  Look, was it a dick move? Yes, those people are stupid and should be skewered, but in a way that is not militant and self-important.  Normal people in society know that you do not hand out sex cards in a situation like this, but to act as if this is some failing in the skeptical community as a whole is ridiculous and insulting.  The whole blog post enraged me.  Not one sane person in the skeptical community would condone this activity, and the blog post author acts like the skeptical community tacitly allows dick behavior or encourages it in some way.  I do not believe that to be in any way true, and I find it offensive that the blog post author would use this single, isolated event to paint the skeptical community with the wide brush of disrespect to females. END RANT

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  1. People that far into the "lifestyle" might have given the card to a man or woman. She might have just been top billed.

  2. You must be thrilled by the more recent events then. Hope it's not distressing you too much.


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