Monday, July 2, 2012

Thanks Sharon

roll up! roll up!

Hell yeah. 

I was not planning on posting anything tonight, but I felt compelled to share Sharon Hill's sentiments from her latest "Doubtful" blog too much.
As a critical thinking advocate, I have a goal. I want to expose and warn of nonsense. I wish to help people question and to make rational life decisions. And, I’d hope I can guide them in thinking more completely about what they accept to be true.
Is that your goal? Is that why you do skeptical advocacy and activism? Is that why you have a web site, write and share links? Is that why you give talks and participate in projects? If so, we all can get on the same bus and move forward.
Perhaps Ms. Hill is a bit naive.  Perhaps this is just too idealistic of an attitude to have with a small group that has grown quickly over the last six or seven years, and is experiencing some troubling growing pains.  Damn, if I don't agree with her.  

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