Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A pair of recent listens

Here's one for you nineteen for me, Taxman! -The Beatles

Conspiracy Skeptic podcast host Karl Mamer has just released a new episode regarding the conspiracy to hide that the income tax is illegal in both the United States and Canada.  It is a guest free episode with Karl discussing the duel conspiracies in the neighboring countries on his own.  Generally speaking Karl does a decent job wading through the legal gobbledegook and explaining why in both our countries the income tax is indeed legal, and the conspiracy theorist are just wishful thinking.  It is a brief CS running a little over thirty minutes, but given the information dense discussion anymore would risk becoming tedious.

Over at the Skeptic Zone thirty minutes of a two hour interview by Maynard with the Super-Rock Star (within skepdom) of George Hrab, who's a musician, podcaster, emcee, and snappy dresser was the main offering of this week's episode. It never ceases to amaze me what a beautiful person Mr. Hrab continues to be.  He's a performer by trade, and is still humble.   He is beloved by a loyal cadre of skeptics and is still humble.  He can play various instruments and write music and is still humble.  I don't know how many interviews of Mr. Hrab I have heard over the past six or seven years, but each time I keep thinking why can't more people, including myself, be a be more of a Hrab.  Quite interestingly Mr. Hrab shares that he is working on a television pilot.  We here at SkepReview wish him luck.

The episode also contains a brief interview by Richard Saunders of Michael Kruse on his starting Bad Science Watch in Canada.  It is an advocacy group that seeks to protect Canadians from shame and poorly done science and to ensure the Canadian government's policies are based on fact and reality, and not nonsense.  The final bit of the episode ended with an interview by Penny Chain of  Susan Gerbic the guardian of skepticism on Wiki, on her new project to translate the multitude of skeptical based Wiki articles into other languages for the non-English languages Wikis.  So anyone who speaks something that is not English as well as English and you want to do something proactive to promote skepticism Gerbic might be just the ticket.

On a non-skeptical podcast topic:  If you are Mac user and have downloaded or thinking downloading OSX Mountain Lion (10.8), and you want to get a very good overview of what the latest OS for Macs can do then I suggest listening to the lastest episode of Hypercritical on the 5by5 network.  John Siracusa spends two hours going over in amazing detail a breakdown of the lastest offering from Apple.  This is only part one with a part two on Mountain Lion scheduled for release in two weeks.

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