Friday, August 10, 2012

Mysterious Universe

I have not listened to Mysterious Universe in ages, even though in the early days of this blog I noted it it to be a special mention podcast that I enjoyed by had gone out of production.  Though the host seemed to be bit optimistic in their belief the likelihood of some woo-woo actually existing, host Ben Grundy was a terrific story teller and the production values for each episode were top notch.  I decided to give the latest episode a listen as Sharon Hill of the celebrated Doubtful News tweeted she was listening and enjoyed an interview on the episode.  I decided to give the episode a listen.  I had not stopped listening for any other reason that there are simply too many podcasts to listen to during a week, and sadly some must get left behind.

I used to listen to MU on
a device that looked like this
Episode 806 of MU did not disappoint.  Ben and (now joined by co-host) Aaron Wright are still expert story tellers.  Their wide eyed wonderment about the world in general even the bits that I think are a bit credulous are infectious.  Even on the finest and beloved of skeptical podcast, a bit of ennui can bleed into certain segments and you can hear between the lines ". . . here's a tale of another person peddling some bogus medicine or paranormal hobgoblin that is more likely a bug on a camera lens. (ho-hum)"  Don't get me wrong I doubt anyone could be 100% fired up in a positive way at all times, but still Ben and Aaron are rather upbeat.  

The main segment on the episode was an interview of Greg Newkirk and Jason Gowin of the Who Forted website, and producers of the low budget and much admired documentary film "Big Foot Hunter: still searching."  Newkirk and Gowin were on to promote raising funds on Indeigogo to shoot a new documentary "Planet Weird," which they hope to be an antidote to the large number of crummy cryptid and paranormal reality shows doting the modern television landscape.  It appears to be a legitimate and worthy cause to donate a few dollars to have productions start on a non-crummy paranormal documentary.  So click on the link and read the material, and if it looks reasonable to you I suggest if you can swing it to send a Lincoln, Hamilton, or for you high rollers a Benjamin electronically their way.  

Ben and Aaron discussed a number of other topics including the landing of Curiosity on the surface of Mars, allegations that Roswell actually had two UFO crashes, and the dubious claims of a follower of David Icke that this person has had multiple strange and paranormal events occur in his life.  (To both Aaron and Ben's credits they were not buying into it at all.)  

I rather enjoyed listening to MU again.  On the one hand, I intend to make more time to listen to it more often, but then on the other hand a two hour Talk Show just came out, and I have to listent to it too.   This just reinforces that I (and I presume fans of podcasts) are drowning in content.  It's a good type of drowning if there can be such a thing.   

Also, the latest Token Skeptic features a twenty minute interview of Dr. Pamela Gay and Frasier Cain of the well regarded and popular Astronomy Cast.  Gay and Cain discuss their tips and views on producing a successful and long lived podcast, as well as how they are utilizing web media such as Google Hangouts to reach newer and other audiences.  Plus, at the end of the episode you learn a little inside dirt on what it is like to be on another popular podcast.  (Astronomy Cast is yet another fine production that I just do not fit into my schedule nearly as often as I would like.) 

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