Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Skeptics' Guide: a thought on guests

I just listened to the latest episode of the "Skeptics' Guide to the Universe" with guest Joshie Berger. I must admit that I groaned a bit when I saw that Berger was the guest. It's not that I dislike Berger, but I was thinking what's he doing on the episode? I suppose having Dr. Phil Plait on last episode and Berger on this week was a bit much in pulling from the SGU parts bin of returning guests. This thought had nothing to do with either Dr. Plait or Berger both of which are entertaining and good skeptics, but they have both been on the show a number of times. Lately, the show does not appear to go out of its way to have lessor known skeptics whose work deserves greater recognition or the boost an appearance on the show is bound to have.

This is not to say popular skeptics should not be guests, or that the show should not have returning guests. However, perhaps a few more episodes per year with some lesser known names might be warranted. The SGU is the premiere skeptical podcast and is a wonderful platform. It could be used to promote the lesser known just a bit more.

The above being noted, I did enjoy this episode. Berger did a spinoff of Science or Fiction where the topic covered conservative/orthodox Jewish practices. The name of the segment was "Jewie or Fiction," which made me cringe a bit. However, I quickly recovered from that knee jerk discomfort. Anyway, Berger did a nice job with the segment, and it was as entertaining as it was educational.

Also, the discussion the Rogues had on the history and manner in which cheese is made was really interesting. (Or I was really hungry while listening to the segment). The Rogues' discussion on the latest anti-evolution pro-creationism tactics was also enlightening.

All in all, it was a solid episode of the SGU.


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