Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just Skeptics, good vaccine news, fund raiser

Just Skeptics has continued to be produced every two weeks as promised. This week's episode contained discussions of guns, boobs, and witches. Really, how bad can an episode be with such topics. The guest this week was Wesley from the "Atheist Nomads," who added an interesting contrasting American voice to the show.

Janis did a nice piece on the recent flap in the news that a recent study points to squeezing breasts as a way to prevent and/or treat breast cancer. When I read the initial news stories I thought this was possibly the greatest study ever, ever, and I Immediately shared the news with Lady. Unfortunately, after digging a bit deeper into the piece it turns out this is not what the study noted, which was pointed out by Janis.

Witches.  A few self reported
in Britain
Gavin shared some depressing tales of conspiracy theories surrounding the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting. This topic touched upon gun control during which Wes shared that he is a gun owner and enjoys target shooting. Rick discussed the various religions that were noted in a recent census in Britain, and apparently there are a fair numbers of witches and even practicing Jedi in the mother country.

There you have it guns, boobs, and witches. All discussed in a relaxed, but intelligent manner. I recommend this episode it was a entertaining hour.  

measles not so marvelous 
I note this was a heartening week for skeptics and those who support science based medicine. The children's book "Melanie's Marvelous Measles" is being pulled from the shelves from some Australian booksellers.  This was noted on the latest "Skeptic Zone" podcast.  Over at the excellent and charming Skeptics with a K podcast Mike, Colin, and Marsh discussed "Melanie's Marvelous Measles" in some detail, and gave a synopsis of the book.  To anyone with any general medical understanding it is a fairly painful listen.  It's not just the medicine is so off base, but that's it is targeted to children.  The book is basically a pro-measles story of a child who is told it is better to get those quaint measles than get an awful vaccination.  It is truly messed up.  

Also, on the Australian vaccination front as the Skeptic Zone gang was in their 'think tank' segment the news broke that Meryl Dorey is out as the Australian Vacinnation Networks President and the AVN have stopped publishing their magazine.  This is all good news.  We at the Skeptical Review salute the Australian Skeptics in the efforts to foil the effort of the AVN.

Finally, on the Skeptics' Guide to theS Universe Rebecca Watson announced that Skepchicks are joining in the childhood cancer fund raiser challenge started by Bob Blaskiewicz of Skeptical Humanities blog and the Virtual Skeptics vodcast.  The challenge is to raise $30,000 by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s 70th birthday, and then challenge him to match the amount raised with all the money to be given to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.  It was quite nice of Watson to recognize and have the Skepchicks join this effort.  The SGU's audience will hopefully be a boast in Bob's goal being reached.  Here's the link to donate.

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