Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Flu and thinking don't mix

Gentile reader I have been under the weather this past week. Despite getting the seasonal flu vaccine I was walloped by it pretty darn good this past Monday. I cannot recall the last time I was this ill. It is the type of sick I would not wish upon any but my worst enemies. Being bed and sofa ridden for the week I have had plenty of time to listen to podcasts. I heard the "Skeptics' Guide," "The Token Skeptic," "Skeptoid," and watched "Virtual Skeptics," among others. The problem is that I have next to no recall of anything. (I seem to recall that Brian Gregory on "Virtual Skeptics" was blacked out the entire episode, but that cannot be right. Weird.) My mind was mush all week. It is a shame because I am pretty sure there was some good stuff in there.

The only thing that sorta stuck with me was an interview on the "Token Skeptic" of Dr. David Gorski and Dr. Robert Blaskiewicz on questionable cancer clinic director Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. Kyle Sturgess did an excellent job of having Dr. Gorski and Dr. Blaskiewicz explain why Dr. Burzynski and his methods are questionable. It must have been good as I can recall it despite my mushy mind. They also discuss the fund raising effort "in honor" of Dr. B. for his 70th birthday to raise money for children's cancer research. If you have not done so already please donate at It is a worthy cause. Kylie also interviewed Dr. Ben Goldacre on his new book "Bad Pharma" dealing with all the problems and issues with the pharmaceutical industry. I recall this interview being rather vexing and sobering, but quite interesting. Goldacre was interviewed on episode 152' while Gorski and Blaskiewicz were on episode 151.

I have ever intention of being more mentally coherent this coming week and post something a bit more substantial. Even if you have received the flu shot make sure you practice extremely good hygiene and carry around and use hand sanitizer at all times. Believe me, this flu business is unpleasant.

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