Monday, February 18, 2013

Conspiracy talk returns to TWiT

Just a quick observation listening to a non-skeptic podcast:

On "This Week in Tech" on the TWiT network conspiracy mongering reared its head again. Instead of Adam Curry discussing the purported lunar landing hoax Curry's co-host, John C. Dvorak, from the "No Agenda" podcast was discussing the Russian meteorite. Dvorak, popular and well known technology journalist, discussed how there is something phony with the meteor as the object allegedly left a perfect whole in the ice of a frozen Russian lake. Dvorak surmised that a meteorite ought to have blown it up and not just left a hole. Also suspicious according to Dvorak were meteors seen over San Francisco and Cuba, but not much discussed. For Dvorak, this does not add up.

Dvorak did not share what he thought the real story on the meteor might be, but he did share that his co-host Curry thought it might have to do with an asteroid mining operation gone awry. Dvorak is known as a curmudgeon, and by many as a bit of a crank after all the "No Agenda" podcast is not on any possible pro scientific skepticism podcast lists. Popular and beloved host of TWiT, Leo Leporte, did not act supportive of Dvorak's idea and was a bit submissive of it. Yet, Leporte in a way certainly invited Dvorak to share his theory with panel and audience if only for entertainment value.

As a bonus Dvorak shared that Los Angeles police officer, Chris Dorner's, death and manhunt was phony too. Leporte cut Dvorak off at this non-tech story and moved on to other topics.

Leporte and Dvorak are famously friends and colleagues for many years, and it is understandable that one cannot surround themselves with non-odd or quirky people at all times. While Leporte is not running a skeptical podcast, I just wish when such oddball and frankly dubious topics arise he would handle the situation a firmer grip.

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