Saturday, April 6, 2013

Skepticism compared to activist Atheism - Sharon Hill

Sharon Hill is on a roll lately.  Doubtful News is a hit.  She's a speaker at NECSS and the upcoming T.A.M.  She even has a gig at the Huffington Post.   I am not the biggest fan of the HuffPo or Arriana Huffington.  Still, it is a cool gig.  Ok, it is a very cool gig. While I am happy for Hill, I still can't help but think 'damn you Arriana you win again . . .You win again.  

Enough general gushing over Hill.  Hill spoke at the Pennsylvania State Atheist Convention, which took place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania the Capital of the Commonwealth* of Pennsylvania last year.  Oddly enough the hotel the conference was held is located across the street from my work parking garage.  I did not attend the conference mainly because, while I am not a person of faith and I do fall on the agnostic, atheist, nonbeliever, heathen spectrum, atheist activism just in not my thing.  I have sympathies, but I am decidedly a Skeptic, and pretty much just a skeptic.    

However, Hill spoke at the conference.  Her talk discussed the differences between Skeptics and atheists.  Most of the readership of this blog likely has heard this discussed before, but Hill does a nice job of wrapping into a nice 30 minute or so talk where the differences are anchored.  She does so in a pithy non-confrontational style.  I typically do not watch most Youtube videos of talks that I run across in my twitter feed.  I simple would have to give up sleep inorder to fit them into my schedule.  Yet, I think this one is well worth the time.  Even if one does not agree with Hill's take (I pretty much agree with her.) She makes a nice pitch for the good fences between neighbors view of things within the free thought world.  

*that's right the State of Pennsylvania refers to itself as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are a queer lot in Penna. at times.   

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