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Originally posted January 30, 2014

Dr. Stuart Robbins is the host, writer, and producer of the Exposing PseudoAstronomy Podcast.  His podcast is about to celebrate its 100th episode.  If you are a long term reader of this blog, you are aware that I hold Exposing PseudoAstronomy in high regard.  Dr. Robbins does a wonderful job not just discussing topics such as Planet X swinging close to Earth causing literally an entire world of hurt, or a ziggurat on the moon, or can someone legally have or gain a property interest on the moon, but also educating the listener.  I have learned a great deal on how optics work and the limits of digital photography.  Why without upturning the laws of physics there cannot be an unseen Planet X about to swing right past the Earth in the near future.  He's even educated me on the trials and tribulations of the peer review process, and how thick skinned one must become to be a practicing scientist.  
I first heard Dr. Robbins before he was Doctor Robbins on Karl Mamer's excellentConspiracy Skeptic podcast.  Within a fairly short time of earning his PhD, Dr. Robbins kicked off his own podcast.  Out of the gate, Dr. Robbins' podcast was well produced, structured, and thoughtful with that bit of slightly biting but well meaning humor that I find interesting.  His first episode sounded as polished as other beginning podcasts' tenth episode.  
In short, Exposing PseduoAstronomy is show that I look forward to each episode to be enlightened and entertained.  Perhaps if astronomy is not your thing it may not be as appealing to you.  The show features a fair amount of sound clips from the venerable Coast to Coast AM late night radio show.  As a fan of the Art Bell Coast to Coast, I appreciate that sometimes one has to actually hear the claim to give it fair context before critiquing the claim. 
I hope Dr. Robbins produces at least 100 more episodes, and I must thank him for the time he had Lady and I on an episode to discuss Space Law.  He was as gracious a host off air as he is a skilled host on air.  Congratulations. and  Best Wishes.

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  1. I've listened to most of Stuart's pod casts and I found this guy to be a very pretentious pseudo-intellectual who know very little about astronomy himself. It's obvious that his pod casts are scripted and not from personal knowledge. His job is obviously to represent NASA as supreme and any other alternate source of astronomy information as fraudulent. Stuart is a paid troll meant to blacken any independent astronomer who goes against the NASA grain way.


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