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Originally posted June 6, 2013
Dr. Stuart Robbins of the excellent Exposing PsuedoAstronomy Blog and Podcast has help to launch a new endeavor Coast to Coast AM Watch, which is for enthusiasts of the great skeptical bird versus monkeys debate.  Ok. That is not true.  It's really about taking to task the popular late night radio chat program Coast to Coast AM.  Coast to Coast AM is a program I enjoy on weekend nights after the editor and dog has sacked out, and only the cat and I are up.  However, it is on the air every night, but since I have a day job staying up to 3am to listen does not work for me most nights. Coast to Coast is known for giving a voice to a lot of pro paranormal, pseudoscience, and conspiracy folks.  The idea to quote Robbins is ". . . that those of us who sometimes listen to the program and hear something particularly outrageous can blog about it and post real information."   I think this is a capital idea.  
As much as I enjoy Coast to Coast in particular the classic Coast with Art Bell, sometimes the ideas spread are not just goofy or odd but downright dreadful and perhaps dangerous.  The blog is just getting off the ground, but if you are a skeptic and listen to a fair amount of Coast especially the stuff hosted by George Nory and John B. Wells, and you wish to help counter some of the more outrageous material they promote here's your chance.  Robbins is taking volunteers to post on this brand new blog.   
Lately, I have been a bit down.  It is about The Amazing Meeting.  This year's event sounds fan-freaking-tastic.  The above mention Dr. Robbins, who is also the Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast astronomer royale, is attending.    I believe all the the Virtual Skepticswill be attending with a possible episode recorded at T.A.M.  Not to be ghoulish but James "the Amazing" Randi is still kicking around wil be there.  This is not even counting folks from the Skeptic Zone, the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, George Hrab, the Massimos, Susan Blackmore, Michael Shermer, etc. etc.  I would settle for just buying Robert Blaskiewicz a drink for the work he has done on the Burzynski Clinic.  Alas, due to a new job of the editor the timing is just a smidge not right to attend this year.   
Yes, I have promised barring horrible events to attend next years TAM to a skeptical brother of mine. I am sure it will be fine and educational time next year.  This year just seems so  . . . well amazing with some of the folks in attendance.   What happens if it all goes to pot for 2014?  I must banish such thoughts.  

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