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Originally posted March 1, 2014

Finally, Karl Mamer, host and producer of the Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast, has released a new episode.  The topic is Bitcoin.  Although the manner in which the topic is covered, and how it is discussed is a bit different from most CS episodes.  Typically, Karl interviews a guests who is knowledgable about some strange conspiracy and the topic is discussed, probed, and logically broken down guided in a laid back manner.  
In this episode, Karl's guest, Neil Croll, basically interviews Karl as Karl gives a primer on what is Bitcoin, its strengths and weaknesses as a digital fiat currency that is bound to no national government.  There really is no conspiracy per se regarding Bitcoin.  However, Bitcoin is a bit mysterious on how it functions, and what is the theory on how it gains and maintains its value.  Karl lays it all out in a fairly straight forward and logical fashion.  While it was not your typical conspiracy topic I found it quite fascinating, and it was well worth the listen.  I had somewhat of an understanding before the episode that Bitcoin was a currency without a country, but I never quite understood how it operates and its supposed benefits.  Now, I have a better understanding of it. 
Also, briefly touch upon during the podcast is that there is not much hoopla surrounding that this is the centennial of the start of the First World War.  Hardcore History has started to cover the topic, and I have been reading Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War by Max Hastings.  (If you buy it online I suggest you use the Amazon link onDoubtful News and show DN some love too.) I have read about half of it so far, and it is pretty good.  I do agree that the Great War is getting the short shrift.  
The other thing I did not realize is that I am apparently the only guest of Conspiracy Skeptic that Karl has met in person.  We met Karl and his girlfriend this summer in Philadelphia, Penna. They are both lovely people.  
This was a modestly unconventional episode of CS, but if you have been lacking in Bitcoin knowledge this episode spells it out over about 75 minutes.   

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