Saturday, March 29, 2014

House Keeping and an Announcement

Within the coming weeks I will be moving this blog from its current home on SquareSpace back to Blogger (at least for the time being.)  I am hoping to do this with as little interruption as possible, but I can make no promises.

It is not that SquareSpace was bad, but am I vastly under utilizing its capabilities when all I do is post a few posts a month to a modest but very appreciated audience.  I may move again in the near future, but at least for now Blogger will be more than satisfactory for my needs.  I have already run into a headache trying to export from SquareSpace back to Blogger, which might mean that to not lose the content the links may not be ported.  I am working on it.  Until the move is complete I will be cross posting on SquareSpace and Blogger.  (Current Blogger URL is

On a more uplifting note, airline tickets have been purchased to travel to and registration paid to attend The Amazing Meeting 2014.  This will be my first TAM, which is crazy when I think about it, but true. I am looking forward to learning new things, meeting people I have only had a the honor to correspond with or listen to their material, and hitting a couple Vegas mega-buffets.   I am not sure if I am going to blog about it while there or at all, but I am sure my twitter feed will be full of observations. (@skepreview)

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