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Originally posted November 19 ,2013

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. The murder of the youngest elected President spawned a large number of conspiracy theories shared in books, movies, tv shows, etc.  I have had an interest in the JFK assassination since the early 1990s.  My interest was peaked by the Oliver Stone movie “JFK.”  I read a few pro-conspiracy books, and articles, as well as Gerald Posner’s “Case Closed.”  The only one that made sense to me was Posner’s work.  The rest were all a lot of speculation and each work had a completely different conspiracy at work.  Now as the fiftieth anniversary of that terrible day is upon us, this Presidential assassination is being discussed in skeptical circles once again. In particular, both theSkeptics’ Guide to the Universe and Strange Frequencies Radio have interviewed Mr. Gerald Posner discussing the evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing the President. "Case Closed" with a new forward is being released in e-book format for the first time. 
President Kennedy Speaking at Rice University September 12, 1962.
President Kennedy Speaking at Rice University September 12, 1962.
Posner makes the case that Oswald indeed was the lone gunman and acted alone in murdering the leader of the free world.   Posner is well versed in the conspiracy lore that the killing was a mob hit, that the second shooter was from the grassy knoll, or the limo driver, or hiding in a manhole.  Posner argues convincingly based upon the evidence that Oswald had the means, motive, ability, and evidence to show to a high degree of certainty that Oswald was the murderer of the President.   He clearly has a very solid grasp of the case, and information within his grasp.  
The information shared and discussed in each interview of Posner was basically the same.  The difference was that for the SGU episode only the interview segment dealt with the assassination, while the entire two hour episode of Strange Frequencies was dedicated to the JFK assassination.  If your goal is to get your fix on rationally evaluating the circumstances around the death of the late President, then Strange Frequencies is the choice. 
Jason and Bobby also discuss some of the documentaries pro and anti-conspiracy that are being aired at this time including a new NOVA documentary on PBS and “JFK: Smoking Gun” which apparently centers on a rather outlandish conspiracy theory.  For those who just can’t get enough of your JFK fix then I recommend setting aside the winter and reading Vincent Bugliosi’s “Reclaiming History”, a monster tome on the assassination that lays out in excruciating detail why Oswald was almost certainly acting alone and why a number of conspiracy theories are in error.  I read it myself a few years ago, and it took me a season to read it.  
Also, Brian Dunning, host of Skeptoid, just released episode 389 covering the JFK assassination.  Dunning concisely places the JFK assassination within the greater context of the impenetrable thought process of conspiracy theories in general rather than deal with the innumerable JFK conspiracies.  Lastly, if you are completely desperate and wish even more discussion of this topic, I appeared on The Conspiracy Skeptic and somewhat coherently discussed the assassination too. 
Let's remember President Kennedy in a positive light.  Here is President Kennedy giving his famous speech discussing the goal of sending a man to the moon.  

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