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Originally posted on August 1, 2013

Run to the town square and let the church bells peel.  Monster Talk is back in production.  
Yes, Blake Smith host of Monster Talk promised that MT would return in July, 2013 when he announced the show's suspension made his deadline with a day to spare. The latest episode is an interview of Donald Prothero and Daniel Loxton authors of the new bookAbominable Science!: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and Other Famous Cryptids.   The episode does not let the listener down after the long wait.  Prothero and Loxton have an easy chemistry with Smith.  It is less an interview and more a chat.  The genesis of the book, why the book weighs so much are discussed, as well as meanders into their views on the current riff in skepdom between the 'Bigfoot Skeptics' and the social justice skeptics.  The interview was entertaining, thought provoking, while not being catty or dour when discussing some touchy subjects.  The episode clocks in at about an hour and is worth every minute.  Also, Smith indicates that he is working on another skeptical podcast.  I hope this does not bode ill for the future of Monster Talk, and I look forward to listening and commenting upon this latest effort.  
While I am still feeling upbeat, Dr. Stuart Robbins, astronomer Royale for the Cosnpiracy Sketpic podcast, makes an appearance on CS to discuss Robbins' latest projects.  Host Karl Mamer and Robbins continue to get along famously.  Robbins discusses his thoughts on the latest The Amazing Meeting, which occurred in July, 2013.  Robbins gives a fair and refreshingly frank assessment of his experience, and does share some thoughtful critiques of TAM.  Robbins compared his experience at TAM 2012 where he was just an attendee to this year where he help give a workshop.   
In another area of the interview Robbins discussed his frustrations with Skeptikohost Alex Tsakiris, and his apparent inability to grasp rationalist thought and the scientific process in general.  Finally, Robbins shared his latest project World Net Daily Watch.  Robbins has been an active commentator on the dubious World Net Daily site.  However, World Net Daily has seen fit to block Robbins from commenting.  I suppose thoughtful measured and reason comments are not welcome.  Therefore, WWDW is Robbins outlet to give a sane yet feisty view on some of the more 'interesting' stories on World Net Daily.  
I highly recommend both episodes.  
Also, we'll be visiting one of my favorite spots on the planet during the slowdown:  The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom.  A nice pick me up.
Also, we'll be visiting one of my favorite spots on the planet during the slowdown:  The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom.  A nice pick me up.
The Skeptical Review will experience a bit of a slowdown in posts in the immediate future.  I do not plan to completely suspend the site, but I plan to cut back on my podcast listening for the near future, and hence posts.  Part of it is work related as August is my busy month and I doubt I will have much time to listen to podcasts over my lunch hour as is my practice.  Part of it is that it has come to my attention in a few different ways that I am way behind on my reading.  I recently finished a book, my first book in a way too long, on UFOs, and it wet my appetite.  Also, some of the unrelenting intra-skeptical fighting has me a bit blue.  I do plan one or two posts during the slowdown.  (I finally fixed my URL.  I have to utilize it.)  Once I get five or six history or skeptical books read into my brain I plan to spring back into action.  I do not have a firm time frame in mind, but no later than Columbus Day.  I ask for your forbearance, and thank you.     

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