Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast talks Water

Originally posted May 10, 2013

Just a quick post to point out that it appears that the Conspiracy Skeptic podcast appears to have returned to its somewhat regular schedule of one podcast per month.  The podcast releases were getting a bit erratic, and I was worried host Karl Mamer might close up shop.  However, Karl has had three release within three months, so things appear to be back on track.  The latest episode is with Portlander, James Funston who is fighting for Portland, Oregon to enjoying the blessings of fluoridated water.  Portland is the largest U.S. city without fluoride in its water.  Whether to fluoridate or not is coming up for a vote with the populace.  
Karl and James discuss some of the weirder conspiracies regarding fluoridation such as how the Nazi allegedly placed fluoride in the death camp water supply to keep the inmates docile.  Karl shares how his hometown of Windsor went off fluoride when the city counsel decided to listen to Youtube video weirding anti-fluoride folks rather than actually scientists.  It is a briefer episode clocking in at 45 minutes, and a pleasant listen.  It was not a exceedingly scientific or historically deep discussion, and James did not seem to be one to yack it up.  However, given how the alleged evils of fluoride is a topic that springs up from time to time within society it is worth the listen for some general background information.  lso, James shares that he is a PBR beer guy, so he's alright by me.  
n a side issue, it appears there is a possibility I might be involved in a paranormal investigation.  It is all very preliminary and all might come to naught.  However, I am really freaking excited about the prospect.  If this comes to pass I just hope I do not botch things up.  Luckily, another skeptic of the first order who is far more skilled and knowledgable is involved.  I hope this pans out. 

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